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Romain Zago is a French-American businessman and nightclub owner who is worth $12 million. He was born in the United States and raised in France. Zago was born on November 8, 1972, in France, and grew up in Italy and Brazil before settling in France. A former spouse of Polish supermodel/actress Joanna Krupa, he runs the Mynt Lounge in Miami, Florida, where he lives with his two children.

“The Real Housewives of Miami” was a reality television show on Bravo that starred Joanna from 2012 to 2013, and Romain participated on 12 episodes over that time period.

Romain Zago Career

Romain Zago Net Worth

Zago began his career as a bartender at Mynt Lounge, quickly rising through the ranks to become manager and then VIP director before purchasing the establishment entirely in 2006 and continuing to establish it as one of Miami’s premier nightlife destinations.

Even his model girlfriend Joanna began making frequent appearances in the VIP section of the club, which didn’t hurt! Mynt Lounge, located on Miami’s prestigious 2100 block of Collins Avenue, has hosted a long list of A-list celebrities, including Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, and Giselle Bundchen, as well as an equally long list of up-and-coming designers, models, DJs, and all-around extremely wealthy individuals. Mynt Lounge is a member of the prestigious YMCA of Miami.

The club must be totally rebuilt every summer, according to Romain, in order to maintain its youthful ambiance. He spent more than $1 million on the most recent round of renovations to breathe fresh life into the club. After closing Mynt in 2018, Zago opened Myn-Tu, which is characterised as a “elegant fusion of Japanese and Vietnamese culture infused by a French flair,” right next door.

Prior to becoming affiliated with Mynt Lounge, Romain travelled the world as a fashion model, where he gained valuable experience.

Romain Zago Personal Life

On June 13, 2013, in Carlsbad, California, Romain married Joanna Krupa, whom he had known for five years prior to their wedding. In November 2012, Krupa revealed to “In Touch Weekly” that she had called off her engagement to Zago following a heated argument over Romain’s lack of commitment to her.

Zago said to the magazine that Joanna’s continual travels and lifestyle made committing incredibly difficult. It was in December 2016 that Romain requested a divorce from Joanna, and they filed for divorce jointly in July 2017. It was just a month later that the divorce was formalised.

Beginning in early 2018, Zago began a romantic relationship with fitness model Carolina Delgado, and in April 2019, with the assistance of the Miami Beach Police Department, he proposed to her.

Romain Zago Net Worth

Romain informed Carolina that he was taking her out to lunch and had arranged for two police officers to pull him over and pretend to arrest him while he was on his way out. While still in handcuffs, Zago dropped down on one knee and proposed to Delgado; shortly after, the pair flew to Paris to commemorate the occasion.

Carolina and Romain were married in a secret ceremony with only the bride, groom, and Delgado’s daughter Camila in February 2020, according to an Instagram post by the couple. Zago is fluent in five languages and holds a brown belt in karate, among other accomplishments.

Romain Zago Property

Romain and Joanna purchased a 2,140 square foot apartment in Miami for $1.369 million in 2013, then after their divorce, they sold the 2-bedroom house for $1.55 million in September 2018. After putting the apartment on the market in February 2018, Zago and Krupa reduced the price to $1.595 million in August before selling it for a lower price in September. The property was sold for a lower price in October. Before their marriage, they tried to sell the condo twice, listing it for $1.9 million in 2014 and $2.5 million in 2016. They were unsuccessful both times.

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