Rogue Company Crossplay: Everything You Need To Know About It!


David Mudd

You feel sad when you have different hardware devices and are not able to play the game which your friend is playing as your device doesn’t support cross-play. You came here to know whether Rogue Company is offering cross-play or not? There are many questions which are to be solved and help the gamers to play the same games at the same time on their available platform.

Epic Games studio produced this video game and they provide this on open for free in Open Beta on consoles and PCs. Now if you know that you can play games on any platform with other gamers at the same time then you feel at the top of the world. So the question remains the same, is Rogue company supports cross-platform play or not and if yes then how can you play on it.

As you all know that this multiplayer is gaining attention all over the world as it supports and allows you to play the game online on various platforms and helps you to team up with your online gamer friends. It will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Pc and on Nintendo Switch.

And yes it offers crossplay as it allows users or players to play games with other gamers on different devices at the same time but not on PC right now.

Rogue Company Crossplay

If you are playing on a PC then it allows you to connect with other PC player but if you playing on other platforms like Nintendo Switch or PS4 then you are able to play against other devices in a same session and if you play the game on Pc it still allows you to pair with other if you are at the same place.

This feature of Rogue Company is by default and you can’t disable this feature except in Xbox.

If you disable this feature then you may have to face some problems in the game play or matching time.

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How to Play Game on Different Platforms?

With the help of crossplay you can play with any gamer and invite them to join your adventure in the game and make online friends. You have to do simple steps to play with them. Firstly type their username on the Menu page tab and then send them invitations to play the game.

Rogue Company Crossplay

Then other people see the Playstation logo next to their monitor, and a sign which is also next to their name which would help them to reveal on what platform they are playing the game.

If you are lucky and easily matched with the unknown player and want them to join the party or the adventure in the game then you have to lock their account information by going back to your menu screen.

This will help you to complete the game by finding other good players and adding to your game by using his/her skills in the game as it is a multiplayer shooter team game.

If you want that no other person or hacker will disturb you then rogue Company also allows you to turn on the Do not Disturb feature so that other party can’t invite you and disturb you while you are playing your game and wants no one in your way.

Rogue Company: Cross-Save

If you want to start the game where you left and don’t want to login again and again and keep your progress to show to your online friends then the cross-save feature of Rogue Company’s is the best one.

Rogue Company Crossplay

For showing and continuing your progress you have to go to the website of Rogue company and then you have to fill your complete details on that by choosing the platform on which you have to play. You can also fill and link all your Accounts in Rogue company’s cross-save so that it will show your progress.

Along With this you also have to choose the main platform so that Rogue Company will also know on which account or platform you are playing the game most of the time.

This will help you to continue the game on other platforms if sometimes you switch from your main account to another one.


Well, here we are going to end this article as you all get the answers to your questions as it allows you to cross-play. If you are a beginner then you will take a little more time to play this shooter game and recently a Japanese inspired theme was added to this third person game along with redesigned store from where you can choose your weapons for your ease.

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