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Robert Marwa Net Worth: How Rich is This South African Journalist?

what do we know about Robert Marwa Net Worth

After completion of graduation in law, Robert has decided to step into journalism. As per the sources he started his career in 1996after joining SABC 1. Robert worked as an English and Zulu television presenter. In this article we are going to tell you about Robert Marwa Net worth 2023.

After working for almost more that couple of years, he decided to complete his childhood ambition to become a sport anchor.

At the end of 1997, Robert switched to Top sport and was given interview for the sports anchor mostly in the Soccer show Laduma. He was then selected and then directly sent to anchor France World Cup 1998 and it includes around 48 games.

Robert Marwa Net Worth

Moreover, Robert Marwa has also hosted soccer shows on Supersport 3.

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What is Robert Maewa Net worth?

As of January 2023, Robert Marwa net worth is estimated to be around $7 -8 million.

Robert lives in a luxurious house with his family in South Africa. He has a huge mansion which consists of all the luxury things and furniture. He has also made a different place for his guest and himself for sitting purpose.

This area contains expensive couches, lamps and decorated stuff.

Moreover, Robert loves to buy luxurious cars for himself and he has bought is favourite Mercedes car. Along with this he also has a BMW in his house. Robert is getting an incredible income through his from his career as well as experience in journalism.

As per some reports he is getting around South African Rand 1,35,00 Rand per month as of January 2023 and it makes his annual income of R1.8 million. So if we assume about his annual income then it would be around $8 million approximately.

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What is the Career History of Robert Marwa?

Along with anchoring, he has also hosted numerous shows on Radio channels. Robert hosted discovery sports centre on Metro FM from 6pm to 7pm. Robert has also worked at soccer shows on Super sport 3 and Thursday Night Live.

He hosted the 12th Metro FM Music award along with his co-host in 2013. Moreover, Robert has also hosted Blow By Blow Show.

Some Favourite Quotes From Robert Marwa –

“As simple as this image looks…. it was taken a week after I was discharged from heart surgery”

“I think everybody knows about my two heart attacks that I’ve had. I’ve had to be admitted and I’ve had to have that checked on a regular basis. And the same thing happened last week,” he began.

“I literally drove myself from home after not feeling well and I said ‘let me go and admit myself’ because there was a pain that was not making any sense. And within a couple of hours, I was in ICU and that’s where I’ve been for the past six or seven days.”

Robert Marwa Net Worth

“I’ve been threatened, I was in ICU in June/July last year. My sister was shattered when she walked in, she saw a corpse. But people don’t know that because I don’t talk about that. The thing is if my life has to end because of a passion and a job that I do then so be it,” he told Phat Joe.

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