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Robert Cormier Net Worth: This Actor’s Wealth At Death May Surprise You!



This post will tell you everything about Robert Cormier, his Wiki, biography, age, cause of death, net worth, education, nationality, and other facts.

Canadian actor Robert Cormier was well-known around the world. He became known because he played Kit Jennings in the Netflix show Slasher Solstice (2019). He was in the news because he died at age 33 on September 23, 2022.

Robert Cormier: Wiki, Biography, and Age

Robert Cormier was born on June 14, 1989, in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. He was 33 years old when he passed away. He went to college at Texas A&M and graduated with a degree in Fire and Engineering Extension Services.

After that, he went to Toronto’s York University and got a degree in economics. He also got a diploma in film and television from the Toronto Academy of Acting.

Survivor (2016), Otto in the Pyrenees (2018), All in the Intersection (2019), Ranson (2019), and many more of Cormier’s movies are well-known.

Robert Cormier Net Worth

Who Robert Cormier’s Parents And Siblings Are?

Robert Cormier’s father, Robert (Rob) Cormier, runs a small business. His mother, Lisa Cormier, works as a Lab Technician. Krystal Cormier, Brittany Cormier, and Stephanie Cormier are Robert Cormier’s three sisters who are still alive.

Who Is Monika Kuligowska, Wife of Robert Cormier?

Robert Cormier was happily married to his beautiful wife, Monika Kuligowska. Over the years, Monika has been there for her husband.

How Long Were Robert Cormier And Monika Kuligowska Married?

Robert Cormier and Monika Kuligowska have been married for a while, but we don’t know when they said “I do” and became husband and wife.

Monika Kuligowska and Robert Cormier: Do They Have Children?

Robert Cormier and Monika Kuligowska have a daughter, but no one knows what her name is.

Robert Cormier Net Worth

What Is The Estimated Net Worth Of Robert Cormier In 2022?

In 2022, Robert Cormier had a net worth of more than $1 million. He was a famous Canadian actor who was in shows like Heartland and others. Because of this, Mashoor thinks that his net worth is about $1 million.

33-year-old Robert Cormier Dies

According to his obituary, Cormier will be remembered as an actor, an athlete, and a good brother who worked hard to help people and try to do more. He looked up to his father, and he liked going to the movies with his family. Cormier’s life had an effect on a lot of people, including his teammates, his family, and his friends. His memory will be kept alive by his loving sisters, who were everything to him, and by his love of movies and art.

Cormier is survived by his parents, Lisa and Robert, and his three sisters, Krystal, Brittany, and Stephanie.

After the sad news of his death, the official Instagram page for Canada’s longest-running TV show, CBS’s “Heartland,” called Cormier a “valued member” of the cast. The statement says that when they heard that Robert had died, it made them sad. He played Finn Cotter in the last two seasons of the record-setting 15-season, one-hour Canadian TV show.

Robert Cormier Net Worth


What was Robert Cormier best known for?

Canadian actor Robert Cormier was best known for playing Kit Jennings in the Netflix show Slasher Solstice (2019).

How old was Robert Cormier?

Robert Cormier was born on June 14, 1989, in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. He was 33 years old when he passed away on September 23.

What caused Robert Cormier’s death?

Even though Cormier’s eulogy doesn’t say what killed him, his sister Stephanie Cormier said that he died in an Etobicoke hospital after getting hurt in a fall.

Where did Robert Cormier come from?

When it comes to nationality, Cormier proudly displays his Canadian roots.

Who did Robert Cormier get married to?

Monika Kuligowska was Robert Cormier’s wife, and she was married to him.

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