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What Happened To Robert Berchtold Wife, After Jan’s Kidnapping?



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A Friend of the Family by Peacock came out on Netflix in early October, but only the first four episodes of the true-crime drama were available. Viewers want to know what happened to Robert Berchtold and his wife, Gail after their kids were taken. Robert “B” Berchtold sexually abused Jan Broberg and took her away when she was 12 and again when she was 14. Berchtold’s wife, Gail, stays by his side in the first few episodes of the Peacock drama. But then what happened? Here’s what we know about Gail Berchtold, Robert Berchtold’s wife.

Robert Berchtold Got Married To Gail In 1961

Gail Toyn married Robert Berchtold, who was played by Jake Lacy, in the Logan Temple on June 7, 1961. They lived together in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Brigham City, Harper, and Ogden, Utah, among other places. But the Berchtold family met the Brobergs in the town of Pocatello, Idaho.

In A Friend of the Family, Mary Ann Broberg tells her husband, Bob Broberg, “They have three boys: one is Jan’s age, one is Karen’s age, and one is Susan’s age. They also have a baby girl.”

In the series, the Berchtolds had three boys, Jasper, Joel, and Jacob, who were all about the same age as Jan, Susan, and Karen, the Brobergs’ three girls. When they met, the Berchtold family also had a little girl. In real life, the Berchtolds had five children whose names all started with the letter “J.” In A Friend of the Family on Peacock, however, their names were changed.

Jerry, James, Joseph, Jeff, and Jill are the real names of Gail and Robert Berchtold’s children.

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Gail, Robert Berchtold’s Ex-wife, Has A New Husband, But No One Knows Her New Name

Many people wonder if Gail Berchtold knew what her husband did to Jan Broberg after seeing Abducted in Plain Sight and A Friend of the Family. Many fans of documentaries went to Reddit to talk about whether or not Gail could be involved. Some people talk badly about Berchtold’s ex-wife, which is reason enough for her to keep to herself.

In one thread on Reddit, a video editor said that they had worked on Abducted in Plain Sight. The person said that Gail was asked to do an interview, but she turned them down.

Another Reddit user says that Gail got married again, but she is now a widow. All of her kids live in the middle of the country. But she doesn’t want to talk about where she is or what she’s doing after Robert Berchtold, so no one knows where she is or what she’s doing.

The first four episodes of A Friend of the Family will air on Peacock on Thursday, October 6. Every Thursday until November 10, the last five episodes will be released.

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After Jan Broberg Was Taken From Gail and Robert Berchtold’s Home In 1974, They Split up

Skye Borgman made a long documentary about Jan Broberg’s kidnappings before Nick Antosca made A Friend of the Family. Abducted in Plain Sight is the new name Netflix gave to the documentary it dropped in 2019. In an interview with Jan Broberg about the documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, she said that Gail and Robert got a divorce soon after the kidnapping.

Jan told Entertainment Tonight, “By the time she was taken again, she had filed for a divorce.” “She got a divorce from him and moved with her kids.”

Robert remarried. He married Deanna Lou Wiley in Utah on July 17, 1990. Gail Berchtold reportedly remarried, but she won’t comment.

11/11/2005: Robert Berchtold died. ABC News alleges he attended Jan Broberg and her mother’s 2004 women’s conference. Robert disagreed with the two women’s book about him. He attacked a BACA member at the convention. Robert was arrested for simple assault, trespassing, and disorderly behaviour. After paying bail, he was released. BBC News believes Berchtold committed suicide before sentencing.

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The Children Of Gail And Robert Berchtold Are Still Not Known To The Public

Like Gail, she and Robert’s children want to stay out of the public eye. We don’t know much about their lives after they were taken. They kept living with their mother, but their father probably had the right to visit them. No one knows if the Berchtold children kept hanging out with Robert as they got older.

On May 11, 1984, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Jerry Curtis Berchtold married Tina Louise Hyatt. Robert and Tina lived in Roy, Utah, when he died in 2005.

When his father died, James Ersol Berchtold was living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joseph Ersol Berchtold married Shawna, and the two of them moved to Henderson, Nevada. James and Joseph may have kept seeing their father, Robert, because Robert lived in Nevada until he died in 2005. But that’s just a guess based on how close they are.

Jeff Archie Berchtold lived in Ogden, Utah, according to the death notice for his father. Jill Berchtold got married to Richard Scott, and now the couple lives in Roy, Utah. Her Facebook page says that she just got over cancer. She and Richard also have a brand-new granddaughter named Blayklee. In August 2022, she shared pictures of Blayklee.

Robert Berchtold used to live in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife Deanna until 1997, when they moved to Logandale, Nevada.

The first four episodes of A Friend of the Family will air on Peacock on Thursday, October 6. Every Thursday until November 10, the last five episodes will be released.

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