Robbie Coltrane Death At 72 And Much More We Know About Him


Aditi Narendra

News broke out of Robbie Coltrane death. Actor Robbie Coltrane passed away at the age of 72, according to his agent. The iconic role of Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter films made the Scottish actor renowned, and millions of people still associate him with the endearing character today. Additionally noteworthy were his roles in the James Bond movies GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough.

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He also received praise for his TV work in the ITV crime thriller Cracker. Robbie Coltrane or Anthony Robert McMillan has a net worth of $4 million. Robbie Coltrane’s net worth includes a $3 million mansion in Glasgow, $4 million, and a variety of exotic vehicles, including a $2.5 lakh Range Rover. His children and former wife continue to own all of his wealth.

Who Was Robbie Coltrane?

Early in his 20s, Robbie developed an interest in acting. To pay homage to John Coltrane, he took the stage name, Coltrane. He performs in comedies and plays. Coltrane participated in the BBC comedy program A Kick up the Eighties in 1981. The actor made an appearance in the Comic Trip Presents series in 1982. Robbie also participated in the sketch programs Laugh and Alfresco. I was about to pay the license fee. The actor appeared in cameos in Henry V and Mona Lisa, among other films. In 1990. He performed in Nuns on the Run, a comedy. He became embroiled in a scandal that same year as a result of his film Pope Must Die. The movie’s later title was The Pope Must Diet.

Robbie Coltrane Death

In Britain’s crime drama Cracker, he played the series’ leading man. The actor played Dr. Eddie Fitz Fitzgerald in the role. The program eventually started airing on American television. The World Is Not Enough and GoldenEye are two James Bond movies in which the actor starred. Pierce Brosnan and he were coworkers.

What Was The Early Life of Robbie Coltrane?

The son of a doctor and a teacher, Coltrane was born Anthony Robert McMillan on March 30, 1950, in Glasgow, Scotland. Following his graduation from Glasgow Art School, he pursued further art education at Edinburgh’s Moray House College of Education. But when Coltrane’s attempts to pursue a career as an artist failed, he turned to stand-up comedy in Edinburgh venues. And when he decided to pursue acting in London, he changed his last name in tribute to jazz great John Coltrane.

The Career of Robbie Coltrane

Flash Gordon, Blackadder, and Keep It in the Family are a few of Coltrane’s early television appearances. As he rose to prominence on British TV, his other comedy accomplishments included shows like A Kick Up the Eighties, The Comic Strip, and Alfresco.

Robbie Coltrane Death


Coltrane’s breakthrough performance came in Jimmy McGovern’s Cracker series, which ran for over 25 episodes between 1993 and 2006. He played Dr. Edward “Fitz” Fitzgerald, an anti-social criminal psychologist with a talent for solving crimes. Coltrane shared the record for the most victories in a row by winning three straight BAFTA best television actor awards for that performance.

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Coltrane received roles as Valentin Zukovsky in the James Bond movies GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough as a result of his performance. Beginning with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001, Rubeus Hagrid, the enormous groundskeeper of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, appeared in the Harry Potter movies.

Personal Life of Robbie Coltrane

He married Rhona Gemmell, his ex-wife, in 1999, and they divorced in 2003. They made the decision to part ways. Rhona was a Scottish sculptor before beginning her career as a Pilates instructor, according to Intouch Weekly. “Rhona began working as a stone carver after graduating from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in fine art sculpture. She turned to Pilates after years of back and hip problems “read the blog entry on the business’ website. When Rhona first met Robbie, she was 18 years old. Before deciding to get hitched, the couple dated for more than ten years.

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Before getting married, the couple had two children together. Their daughter Alice McMillan was born in 1998, and their son Spencer McMillan was born in 1992. They had both spent their formative years out of the public eye. Spencer made the decision to lead a secluded life, therefore not much is known about him. Alice, on the other hand, didn’t think twice about following in her father’s acting career.

Death of Robbie Coltrane

For personal reasons, Robbie and his wife filed for divorce in 2003. Soon after, he developed health problems. He had been using a wheelchair and had osteoarthritis for more than 8 years. He once claimed in one of his personal utterances that his current illness causes him great suffering. He spent a few days in Forth Valley Royal Hospital before passing away there on October 14, 2022. Robbie, a veteran of 72 years, was well-known for his noteworthy contributions to the entertainment industry. So that’s all there is to know about osteoarthritis as Robbie Coltrane’s cause of death.