Rihanna Shares Her All-Time Favorite Looks



Although Rihanna is without a doubt one of the most fashionable individuals in the universe, she wishes to put her abilities to good use. Now, let’s talk about the return of her adored partnership with PUMA, which was carried from 2014 to 2018 before being brought back in March of last year.

The fat-soled Creeper, a throwback to the 1990s that made a comeback to the stores in late November, was and continues to be the focal point of FENTY x PUMA. Additionally, Rihanna wore the lavender and cherry red colorway of the shoe on Monday night in Los Angeles, accessorizing it with a similar purple leather jacket and fuzzy Grimace-but-make-it-fashion sleeves. She was merely fulfilling the requests of the populace.

“Since the last release, the fans have been requesting the return of [The Creeper], which is a fan favorite,” Rihanna said to ELLE.com. Fortunately, her followers are used to having to wait for the Bad Gal’s releases. “Everyone has been asking me the same question: ‘When are you going to give us a creeper?'” We made the decision to make a larger, badder comeback,”

Rihanna Reveals Her Favorite Looks of All Time

she continued. The new shoe is really bigger and more powerful than it was when Rihanna was a PUMA athlete. As a fitting tribute to its inflated size, her signature footwear has been renamed the Creeper Phatty. These days, even the shoe laces appear thinner. Everything To Know About Rihanna’s Baby Boy

These are the gifts that Rihanna gives to us common people—elegant pieces that we may appropriate and personalize (her enormous gem earrings, along with the shoes, will be included on my own mood board). However, there are some outfits that only the sultry megastar Rihanna can pull off. Rihanna hardly hesitated when asked what her all-time favorite dress is.

“I created two distinct worlds,” she said, then went on. “In the first, I was completely covered in jewels and crystals while attending the CFDA Awards, and I thought it was the sexiest moment ever.” I’ll never wear anything nicer than this. I think that really captured my complete range of styles at the time, shifting from one to the other, when I wore a full men’s suit for a performance at the Grammys shortly after. It really captured how I was feeling at the moment.

Rihanna Reveals Her Favorite Looks of All Time

Rihanna is no stranger to changing culture with her sense of style and design by this time. The most difficult thing right now is what her two little boys, A$AP Rocky, RZA, and Riot, are waiting for her at home. The transition from one to two is a significant shift, she said.

Keeping two sets of things in balance. Everything is different—two distinct emotions, two distinct personalities, etc. I’ve centered my entire universe around them, and I’m learning and improving, so I believe it’s been the most thrilling and difficult. I’m optimistic because my friend informed me it takes three years.

They will eventually benefit from their mother’s generosity in fashion as well—Rihanna claimed to have painstakingly preserved every look she has wore in an archive that she plans to give down someday.