Rihanna is being criticized for “dehumanizing” a racy nun magazine cover Critics say the star is making fun of religion



Many people have criticized Rihanna for showing off her seductive nun magazine cover, calling the pictures “dehumanizing.”

The Christian community has responded angrily to the celebrity’s daring outfit selection on the cover of Interview Magazine. In the sultry shoot, the mother of two has pulses racing.

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Wearing a classic black and white nun’s garb, 36-year-old Rihanna flaunts her curves. She wore her shirt unbuttoned to showcase her curves and added a bold red lipstick swipe to boost up her appearance.

Critics attacked the look in her comment section. Numerous admirers claimed she was disparaging Catholics and Christians in general. “It’s a mockery of religion,” one added. “So tired of all this unholy imagery,” another person remarked. A third individual stated: “I love Rihanna but I never understand the obsession with sexualizing religious representations.”

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Someone someone remarked, “Is this not blasphemy?” Another called the constant mockery of Christianity “dehumanizing and degrading.” “Religious imagery being used for the wrong purposes,” was the grievance voiced by one fan.

A few of admirers criticized the fashion industry in its whole and questioned her decision to “mock religion.” Rihanna, meantime, has had a hectic few weeks. She went to attend a pre-wedding party held by the richest man in Asia with A-list celebs like Mark Zuckerberg and Ivanka Trump.

For his son Anant Ambani’s wedding to Radhika Merchant, billionaire Mukesh Ambani organized a lavish event. The extravagant event, which is estimated to have cost $150 million (£118 million), included a two-hour performance by Rihanna, elephants, and a stunning fireworks show.

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This past weekend’s celebration took place at Ambani’s parents’ house in Jamnagar, India. Videos from the opulent occasion feature Meta CEO Mark and his spouse Priscilla Chan interacting with notable attendees including Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton, followed by awe at the prospective groom’s attire.