Rihanna claims it was an accident that she revealed her pregnancy during the Super Bowl



Rihanna has disclosed that she had not originally intended to announce her pregnancy before this year’s Super Bowl.

Three months after giving birth to her second child with partner A$AP Rocky, the 35-year-old singer spoke out to Access Hollywood in a recent interview. When Rihanna performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in February, she was showing off her baby bump since she was wearing an unzipped red jumpsuit with a matching bodysuit underneath. Rihanna Shares Her All-Time Favorite Looks

In addition to discussing her collaboration with Puma, Rihanna was questioned by Access Hollywood on her anxiety level ahead of the 2023 pregnancy announcement. The creator of Fenty Beauty claims that she had no intention of revealing her pregnancy at first when it was discovered that her halftime performance outfit was too small.

This is the issue. I think I did what I had to do. She remarked, “My jumper wouldn’t zip up. Nobody was aware of my pregnancy. I told my stylist to make sure it was flexible.

She continued by describing how the pregnancy reveal came about since she was unable to zip up the jumpsuit at the time. The Return of Rihanna’s Fenty Creepers!

Although this was baggy and the undergarment was elastic, there was a zip. That just ended there, the vocalist of “Umbrella” remarked. Thus, things had to be as they had to be.

She went on to discuss the significance of her Super Bowl performance in 2023 and how it felt, saying, “It was like an out-of-body experience.” Although it seems like I’ve heard that statement before, I experienced it myself at the Super Bowl. Every practice seemed like the Super Bowl, and after the Super Bowl, I was like, “What’s going on?”

In February, Rihanna was spotted massaging her stomach during a show, leading many fans to speculate that she was expecting. After the show, a spokesman for Rihanna issued a statement confirming the pregnancy rumors.

Riot Rose, Rihanna and Rocky’s second child, was “secretly” welcomed in August 2023, as first reported by TMZ. They became parents for the second time with the announcement; their first son, RZA Athelaston Meyers, was born in May 2022. This All-black Outfit by Rihanna Makes Her Look Like the Perfect Biker Girl

Photographer Miles Diggs shared the first images of Rihanna and Rocky with their two sons on Instagram in September 2023. In one picture, Rocky is seen carrying RZA on his shoulders while Rihanna is seen clutching Riot. In the meantime, another picture showed her leaning against a car and cradling her youngest boy by herself. The millionaire beauty queen hasn’t made any public remarks about the birth of her second child, though.

Although she has avoided drawing attention to herself or her kids, Rihanna did once share a photo of her son RZA on TikTok in December 2022, when he was just seven months old. But Rihanna said in a February interview with British Vogue—the magazine that had RZA on its cover—that the TikTok video wasn’t released until after photographers had supposedly taken pictures of RZA without her permission.

Rihanna claims it was an accident that she revealed her pregnancy during the Super Bowl

“I instantly went into guarded mode. At the moment, she told the outlet, “Like there wasn’t even time for anger.” “It just feels so gross, like a violation, to us as parents.”

The singer of “Diamonds” went on to describe how she and Rocky talked about what to do if their son’s pictures ended up being exposed to the media. “We knew they were making calls and deals while we were talking.” Subsequently, she made the decision to sign up for TikTok, where she shared the now-famous video of her infant son grinning, gurgling, and playing with his mother’s phone.

Rihanna continued, “It’s the thing you never want to happen,” considering the prospect of pictures of her son being seen by the public without her consent. As parents, it is up to us to choose when and how to do it. Story ends here.