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Ricky Gervais Net Worth: Is He the Richest UK Comedian?

Ricky Gervais is an actor and stand-up comedian from England who started his stand-up career in the late 1990s. Five international stand-up comedy tours were among his comedic appearances. The Flanimals book series is also written by him. Muppets Most Wanted and the Netflix original Special Correspondents are two of Gervais’ acting credits.

So what is Ricky Gervais Net Worth? Let’s explore!

Early Life of Ricky Gervais 

The 25th of June, 1961 finds Ricky Dene Gervais being brought into the world in Reading, England. Ricky was the youngest of four brothers and sisters who he grew up with. His father was a French-Canadian who had returned to Canada.

After completing his secondary education, Gervais went on to study philosophy at University College London, where he eventually earned a degree in the subject. At the university, Gervais made the acquaintance of Jane Fallon, with whom he has maintained a romantic engagement that dates back to the year 1982.

Ricky Gervais’ Career

Ricky Gervais began his career in the entertainment industry on the radio after his first attempt at becoming a pop star was unsuccessful. While serving in the capacity of head of speech at XFM, he had the opportunity to meet Stephen Merchant, whom he subsequently recruited to work for him as an assistant. The two would go on to construct what would become known as “The Office.”

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Ricky Gervais started his career on television by composing sketches for the British comedy show The Sketch Show. Later, he appeared as a host on The 11 O’Clock Show, where he was known for being purposefully irreverent and politically incorrect. In addition, he had a starring role in the comic show Meet Ricky Gervais, which unfortunately did not perform particularly well.

After completing The Office

As a result of the popularity of “The Office,” Ricky Gervais went on to star in a variety of other television shows. The first one was called Extras, and it was a series in which famous actors and actresses played humorous versions of themselves on film sets that were completely made up. In 2010, Gervais launched his own television program, titled The Ricky Gervais Show. Ricky Gervais was also involved in the production of television productions such as Derek, Life’s Too Short, An Idiot Abroad, and After Life.

Comedy Performed on Stage

Since the 1990s, Ricky Gervais has established himself as a highly successful stand-up comedian. After The Office was a huge hit, he decided to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian, and over the years, he has done a lot of traveling with his act. Netflix has aired more than one of its stand-up comedy specials in its many hours of programming.

Ricky Gervais’ Film

Throughout the course of his career, Ricky Gervais has appeared in a number of films that have garnered significant critical acclaim. In the animated picture Valiant, which was released in 2005, he provided the voice for the character “Bugsy.” In the movie “Night at the Museum” from 2006, he played the part of a museum director, which is one of his most well-known roles. In the films’ subsequent sequels, he played the same character again. Over the course of the subsequent several years, Gervais secured roles in films like as Special Correspondents, Ghost Town, and The Invention of Lying.ricky gervais net worth

Ricky has been honored with seven BAFTA Awards, two Emmy Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and three Golden Globe Awards as of the time this article was written. He has also hosted the Golden Globe Awards five times.

What is the Net Worth of Ricky Gervais?

Ricky Gervais is an actor, comedian, writer, and director who was born in the United Kingdom and has a net worth of $140 million. As the creator of the television series “The Office,” he is responsible for the vast majority of his wealth at this point. In 2001, the program debuted in the United Kingdom as a short-lived limited series.

It was adapted into an American version in 2005, and the American version broadcast 201 episodes over the course of 9 seasons. The Office: American Version is One of the Most Profitable Series in the History of Syndication The American version of The Office is one of the most profitable shows in the history of syndication, earning billions of dollars in royalties and fees.

As a consequence of this, Gervais continues to make tens of millions of dollars from the program on a consistent basis whenever a contract for it is extended or it is transferred to a different platform.

Ricky Gervais in Netflix

According to reports from 2018, Ricky was paid $20 million by Netflix for a standup special. Prior to it, Netflix had purchased his special titled “Humanity,” apparently for the same price of $20 million. Between June 2017 and June 2018, Ricky was successful in a variety of ventures and earned a total of $25 million. That was sufficient to put him in the top five list of highest-paid comedians in the entire globe.

Ricky Gervais’ Achievements in Relation to The Office

While Stephen Merchant was attending school for film production in 1999, he worked on a project that required him to create a short film that lasted seven minutes. The character of David Brent, which would later be played by Ricky Gervais on The Office, was included in the short film.

Following the screening of the short film for BBC executives, Gervais and Merchant were then asked to write a pilot script for the show. Both of them worked together to write the show’s pilot script, and the BBC ultimately decided to produce the program.ricky gervais net worth

At first, The Office was not very entertaining. It was only broadcast for a limited time, consisting of only six episodes, and very few people bothered to watch it. However, soon individuals started buying DVDs after the word got out through word of mouth. It didn’t take long before it was obvious that there was interest in a second season of the show. Fans all over the world are overjoyed that BBC has once again given its approval for the next season of the show.

After the highly successful release of the second season of “The Office” in 2003, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant were hailed as comedy geniuses. Due to the popularity of the original version of The Office in the United Kingdom, the show was remade in the United States with Gervais and Merchant serving in the role of executive producers.

In addition to this, The Office has been remade for audiences in other countries, such as Brazil, Sweden, France, and a great number of other countries. In a later interview, Ricky Gervais explained that the success he achieved in the American entertainment industry was in large part due to the positive reception he received for his show “The Office.”

How much Profits did Ricky Gervais Derive From Syndication?

Gervais and his co-creator Stephen Merchant have raked in tens of millions of dollars over the course of the original run of The Office thanks to the numerous producer and creator titles they have garnered. The real bonanza for Ricky came in the form of extraordinarily profitable syndication and licensing deals in the most recent of his years of business. At the very least, Ricky is the owner of ten percent of the syndication equity points for The Office. To put it another way, he receives 10% of any and all earnings that are made by the show.

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To this day, Ricky Gervais has undoubtedly earned more than one hundred million dollars before taxes on the sale of his syndication rights.

Comcast’s NBC shelled out $500 million in June 2019 to secure the broadcast rights to begin airing episodes of The Office in 2021. The program had previously been broadcast on networks that were owned by Viacom, such as Comedy Central. In addition, the program was available for a considerable amount of time on Netflix.

Personal Life of Ricky Gervais

Both Ricky Gervais and his companion, Jane Fallon, have decided against getting married or having children at this time in their lives. Although Gervais has participated in a variety of humanitarian organizations, the cause for which he is most well-known is his advocacy of animal rights. It was claimed in 2015 that Ricky Gervais intended to leave his whole fortune to organizations that work to protect animals’ rights.

He takes a strident stance against any and all sorts of hunting, including poaching and the illegal trade in animals. Ricky Gervais has been honored with a number of accolades and has received high appreciation from organizations like PETA for the many things he has done and donations he has made in the name of animal welfare. In addition to this, Gervais is an unwavering atheist who advocates for marriages between people of the same gender.

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The couple purchased a property in London for close to $6.5 million in the year 2006. In 2015, they placed this home on the market with an asking price of $11.8 million. In 2016, they relocated into a brand-new residence that they had purchased for just about 16 million dollars.

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