Who is The Richest Person in the World? Is He Elon Musk?


David Mudd

Chief executive of Tesla TSLA, 0.77 percent and SpaceX Elon Musk has surpassed Amazon AMZN, -14.05 percent founder Jeff Bezos as the world’s wealthiest person, according to Forbes magazine.

Forbes’ most recent billionaires list places Musk at the top of the list for the first time, with a net worth of $219 billion. Musk was ranked second on the list in 2021, behind Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. It also does not include his freshly acquired 9.2 percent stock investment in Twitter TWTR, -0.18 percent which is included in his net worth on the list.

Here are some of the most important insights from the list:

There Are Fewer Billionaires This Year Than Last Year.

In 2022, there will be a total of 2,668 billionaires in the world. There were 87 fewer than there were the previous year.

Despite the fact that the total number of billionaires has decreased, 40% of those who have remained have become even wealthier.

Following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting financial sanctions from several countries, including the United States, according to Forbes research, Russian billionaire wealth dropped by more than $260 billion in the past year, resulting in 34 fewer Russian billionaires on the Forbes list of billionaires.

The overall fortune of billionaires has actually decreased to $12.7 trillion this year, from a record high of $13.1 trillion in the list of billionaires published in 2021.

New No. 1

As of this year’s Billionaires Index, Musk has surpassed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who held the top spot in that category for the previous four years.

Musk was aided by an increase in the price of Tesla’s stock, which has increased by 58.9 percent over the last year, compared to Amazon’s stock, which has increased by only 4.18 percent over the same period.

The Richest Person in the World

The information and figures were current as of March 11, and they do not include Musk’s recent net-worth increase as a result of his Twitter share purchase, which immediately increased in value by approximately $1 billion.

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Notable female billionaires

Only 327 women are billionaires in the world, out of a total of 2,668 billionaires. According to Forbes, this figure covers individuals who have a joint net worth with a spouse or significant other. The 327 figure is a decrease from the previous year’s figure of 328.

According to Forbes, 101 of those women are “self-made” billionaires, which means they built their own businesses or fortunes rather than inherited their wealth in some other way.

Rihanna, the musical artist and fashion magnate, Melanie Perkins, the co-founder of design company Canva, and Melinda French Gates, who is now listed separately from her husband, Bill Gates, following their divorce in 2021, are among the new female billionaires on the list.

With 90 female billionaires, the United States leads the world, followed by China with 63 and Germany with 35.

Top Richest People in The World

Elon Musk is projected to have a net worth of $219 billion. Musk’s enterprises, Tesla and SpaceX, provide the majority of his wealth.

Jeff Bezos has an estimated net worth of $171 billion – the majority of Bezos’ wealth comes from Amazon, which he began constructing in 1994 and is his primary source of wealth.

The Richest Person in the World?

According to Forbes, Bernard Arnault and his family have a combined net worth of $158 billion. Arnault’s primary source of fortune is the LVMH fashion empire, which includes the labels Louis Vuitton and Sephora, among other businesses.

Bill Gates has an estimated net worth of $129 billion — Gates’ primary source of money is Microsoft MSFT, -4.18 percent, which he co-founded in 1975 and is Gates’ primary source of wealth.

Warren Buffett has an estimated net worth of $118 billion — Buffet’s main wealth source is the industrial conglomerate and investment vehicle Berkshire Hathaway BRK.B, -2.55% BRK.A, -2.94%.

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