Richard Madden Dating: An Overview of His Dating History Till Today!


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A few of our perusers might perceive Richard Madden as Rob Stark, the primary star of the north, from Game of Thrones. The entertainer was set to be the feature of his connections as he pushed ahead with his different personas.

The greater part of his fans currently inquire, “Is Richard Madden gay?” consistently. In the new film Rocketman, he assumed the part of a gay person. Is it consequently gay or not? Here’s beginning and end you really want to be aware of.

Richard Madden is a Scottish entertainer who is most popular for his depiction of Rob Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones. Moreover, the personality of Game of Thrones showed up in a large number of recordings and TV groupings in his work.

In 2018, he was granted the Outstanding Actor Award for his part in Bodyguard. In the film Rocketman, which was delivered last year, he depicted a sexually unbiased person.

richard madden dating

Is Richard Madden A Homosexual?

Have you pondered seeing the film Bodyguard? Is it true or not that you seriously love the HBO TV series Game of Thrones? Assuming you addressed indeed, you ought to be aware “Richard Madden,” who played “war ex-troopers” “Sergeant David Budd” in Bodyguard and “Robb Stark” for the initial three times of Game of Thrones.

There has been some hypothesis that he is gay, and individuals are currently chasing after data about his sexuality. Is Richard Madden gay in the conventional sense? Or on the other hand would they say they are only an exercise in futility?

Subsequently, the person is a relationship “13 Reasons” Why entertainer Brandon Flynn, as indicated by reviewers. They were at first perceived in Los Angeles, where we found they shared a home.

Madden’s visualization developed further after his part in the film Rocketman, in which he played a sexually unbiased person. At the point when gotten some information about his job, he said, “It’s an extremely repulsive way when we begin restricting individuals’ projecting in view of their confidential life.”

We need to keep things fascinating and ensure that everybody is depicted. Subsequently, I view it as obvious with regards to projecting the best entertainer for the part.”

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Moreover, as per ongoing reports, the pair split up in November of this current year. For quite a while, their relationship has been tense. As per a dependable source,

“Brandon made clearly he would rather not meet Richard since he has asked the Versace family not to welcome him to a birthday festivity they are facilitating toward the beginning of December. Richard has set himself up by utilizing the firm on a couple of events.

Be that as it may, they are currently taking cues from Brandon and respecting his choices by not welcoming Richard to the party any more.

Without an inquiry, Richard Madden likes to keep these issues hidden. On each event when somebody asked about his s*xuality, he reliably wouldn’t talk.

Nonetheless, there are a few reports that the star is sexually open. Thus, we will not comprehend until he emerges and says he’s gay.

richard madden dating

Richard Madden’s Relationship Status

His relationship life started with “Jenna Coleman,” an English entertainer, around the time he got his part in Game of Thrones. Jenna was likewise picked for a job in “Specialists Who,” which is Richard’s number one TV show; he uncovered in a discussion that he has been watching this show since he was a kid and has consistently revered it despite everything does.

Expertly, it was all valid for every one of them; yet their relationship didn’t keep going long, sadly, and they needed to separate in 2015. Sometime thereafter (August 2015), they endeavored to rejoin again; they were even seen together in London areas, yet they neglected to conceal again!

Then, at that point, in 2016, Richard Madden started dating ‘Laura Whitmore,’ an Irish TV moderator; tragically, their sentiment didn’t keep going long, and they separated a couple of months after the fact.

Richard Madden turned out to be sincerely associated with ‘Suki Waterhouse,’ an English icon, performer, and entertainer, rapidly.

In any case, the specific thing happened to this couple, and following a couple of months, a ton of data surfaced that Richard Maiden is connected to ‘Cardine Flack,’ host of the ‘Adoration Island,’ and that Richard Madden is presently not in that frame of mind with one another.

Richard Madden dated “Eleanor Elizabeth Bamber,” an English entertainer, in 2017, and they were seen kissing in ‘Ibiza‘ in August.

In any case, they likewise circulated in the year 2019 because of their bustling plans, and thus, Richard and Ellie kept on battling. Toward the finish of Richard Madden, Ellie is hell bent on undermining the connection.

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Richard Madden put it under serious scrutiny when he didn’t specify Ellie Bamber’s name by any stretch of the imagination in his gathering address.

Dating History

Just watched Eternals? Feeling hot subsequent to seeing that Richard Madden + Gemma Chan intimate moment? Obligingly inquisitive about whether Richard is dating somebody?

Cool, here (1) we can affirm that Richard doesn’t have all the earmarks of being in a relationship at the present time (essentially not a public one) and (2) we can want to go over his whole dating history for the sake of science and examination and thirst. Beginning with…

richard madden dating

Jenna Coleman

Any other individual fixated on Jenna because of Victoria? Especially same. She and Richard were hit or miss for around a long time (from 2012 to 2015) and kept their relationship pretty hidden all through. In any case!

Richard addressed Vulture about visiting Jenna on the arrangement of Doctor Who, saying, “I mean, I’ve watched Doctor Who since I was a youngster. I cherished it, I actually love it.

I might nerd out about it, similar to when I go to at any point set and see the TARDIS. I was selfie-ing the crap out of it and sending it to my father! ‘See, it’s me in the TARDIS!’ I thought it was the coolest thing of all time.”

No sign why they separated, however I, as far as one might be concerned, retroactively ‘transport.

Laura Whitmore

Richard and TV moderator Laura Whitmore began dating in spring 2016, so, all in all a source told The Sun, “Laura knows the Game of Thrones cast well, particularly Kit [Harington], and got to know Richard through those associations.

She has been telling companions she is invigorated by the new sentiment. It’s still early days, yet it is as of now clear they truly like one another. Richard promptly felt an association and figures this could head off to some place, there’s genuine science between them. He has done a significant part of the charming however they’re both sharp.”

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Love a “sharp” couple, yet Laura and Richard purportedly split in August that year because of their bustling timetables.

Suki Waterhouse

Tales about Suki and Richard surfaced in December 2016 — only a couple of months after his split with Laura — however it doesn’t seem as though they endured. Like, truly, there’s scarcely any proof that they even officially dated, so continuing on!

richard madden dating

Ellie Bamber

Richard and Ellie Bamber dated for about 18 months from 2017 to 2019, yet she finished things since they weren’t getting along. Truly, everything sounds somewhat sensational, so lock in:

“They’re both totally destroyed yet it was a choice made for whatever might be most ideal,” a source told The Sun. “They were contending practically everyday close to the end and, regardless of considering couples treatment, it became apparent there were extremely many issues that couldn’t be fixed.”


Richard is the toast of Hollywood right now and naturally needs to relax. Ellie is a piece calmer and needs to zero in simply on her work. It seemed like their everyday lives were progressively becoming completely different.

They were really indistinguishable from the day they met — and their loved ones had all combined — so clearly everybody around them is destroyed as well. Yet, both Ellie and Richard desire to remain companions.”

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