Ricci Rivero Breaks Silence on Breakup with Andrea Brillantes: Confirmed Split!


Riya Arya

Ricci Rivero has finally confirmed breakup rumors with Andrea Brillantes. The news has broken the heart of their fans who had been admiring former couple since their relationship was quite public, the way Rivero proposed to Brillantes on the court after the UP Fighting Maroons beat the FEU Tamaraws in April 2022, has received attention from fans.

Their breakup speculations have been circulating by fans. A cheating accusion have been made against Ricci Rivero since he was spotted in a post with former beauty queen and Los Baños, Laguna councilor Leren Mae Bautista. Now that Ricci Rivero breaks silence on breakup with Andrea Brillantes, let’s read what he says.

Ricci Rivero Breaks silence On Breakup With Andrea Brillantes

After many breakup speculations between Ricci Rivero and Andrea Brillantes circulating all over the internet, Ricci Rivero breaks silence on breakup with Andrea Brillantes. In a Twitter post, Rivero expressed his thoughts on the alleged breakup and cheating accusations that he has been going through. Although he did not mention Andrea Brillantes’ name. He also confirmed their split. In addition, He stated not to include others into this false accusations of cheating.

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Rivero wrote, “I own up to the mistake of not making my relationship status public because I felt there’s no need to add up to what were going through. Please respect our decision to keep it to ourselves so that we can preserve what’s left of our friendship” .

“I hope let’s stop creating your own versions and dragging other characters into these false accusations. I am sorry for whatever disappointments it may have caused you – for everyone’s peace of mind, please allow ourselves to heal and move on peacefully without hate and pain”. he added.

Ricci and Andrea became engaged when Ricci proposed on the court after the UP Fighting Maroons beat the FEU Tamaraws in April 2022. The news of their split has come as a shock to their fans

Ricci Rivero Breaks Silence on Breakup with Andrea Brillantes

What Was Cooking Between Ricci Rivero and Leren Mae Bautista?

There have been rumors circulating that something is cooking between Rivero and Bautista. Following his break up rumors with Andrea, a third party named Laren Mae Bautista was doubted to be romantically involved with Ricco and probably the cause of their relation to be ended. Rivero was accusing having a third-party affair with former beauty queen and Los Baños, Laguna councilor Leren Mae Bautista.

However, nothing is confirmed as of now. Ricco’s tweet clearly suggested not to involve any other person/third party in the breakup. The rumors of Rivero and Bautista took place when in a now-deleted-post Bautista posted Rivero.

Follwing the breakup speculations between former couple, Ricci Rivero and Andrea Brillantes, it was quite surprising for fans to see Rivero in Bautista’s post, caused cheating rumors. Rivero has confirmed the break up with Andrea but never approved cheating accusion.

Why Did Ricci Rivero and Andrea Brillantes Breakup?

Many fans made allegations against Ricci that he has involved with another woman which caused split with actress Andrea Brilliantes. However, Rivero addressed the matter, hinting that his relationship with Brillantes has come to an end after over a year. He indirectly  denied cheating accusions and asked not to involve the ‘third person’.

While fans are speculating the cause of their split is Rivero getting closer to Leren Mae Bautista, we can’t deny to the fact that nothing is confirmed yet. Rivero and Bautista’s relationship might be a rumor only as Rivero indirectly claimed not to involved with anyone else during his split with Andrea.

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Their relationship had been admired by fans, but their split has made fans shock. The former couple have not shared any ‘specific cause‘ of their split so making assumptions over their break up can be treated as unofficial rumors. Further clarification will be given once it officially comes out.

Ricci Rivero Breaks Silence on Breakup with Andrea Brillantes

Ricci Rivero and Andrea Brillantes Relationship

In March 2022, their love journey started when they acknowledged their relationship on Instagram. Brillantes was romantically involved with Seth Fedelin, her co-star, from 2019 to 2021 before being with Rivero.

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Ricci and Andrea made it official on April 9, 2022 when the athlete publicly proposed to her after winning a game against the Far Eastern University Tamaraws during the UAAP Season 84 basketball tournament. During our one-on-one for Batalk Channel’s, The Interviewer on YouTube, Ricci revealed he found Andrea “one for him”. He also shared that it took many months of planning to finally propose Andrea.

Their relationship was highly public and had been getting immense love by their fans. However, it didn’t work out and came to end as disappointment. On June 9, 2023, Ricci Rivero confirmed their break up via tweeter with no cause mentioned.

Now that they are no longer dating, it is natural for fans to get curious over the cause of their split. Fans are also waiting for Andrea Brillantes to pass any comment or revealed her side of the story as she hasn’t released even a single statement regarding the matter yet. We have no idea how long will she maintain silence but we will make sure to surely keep you updated with further details once she says something. Stay in touch for more.


The article revolved around Ricci Rivero, Andrea Brillantes and their break up that have been the part of rumors for a quite long time. Making the break up rumors confirmed, Rivero took to twitter handle to inform the news as well as asked for privacy, hinting not to mention the third person. He was basically referring to “cheating accusion” following being captured with Leren Mae Bautista in a now-deleted post. Andrea Brillantes is yet to release any comment over the matter. We will update if she comments.

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