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Rhode Island: Rhode Island Crosses 4,000 Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19, Gov. Speaks About Preparing For Surge


David Mudd

The coronavirus has been affecting a lot of countries over the world. It is quite frightening but the control that it has had over the world is immense. Everyone is at a halt. The governments are in a worry and in Rhode Island.

.Everyone is trying to make out the best decisions. They want the best healthcare for their people. But the coronavirus is still not under control. It is spreading profusely and no method has proven to restrain it. However, scientists are working on something. But till then its the healthcare we have that we need to look up to.

Rhode Island is also in such a worry. They have had a lot of cases of people acquiring the novel coronavirus that it has started to bug the authorities. They have recently spoken about this issue. Know more about it.

Rhode Island


What Is Going On In Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is suffering a lot from the coronavirus. People are in a bad state and there is no improvement of any kind. The government is in a fury about dealing with such a situation.

They are not sure about the extent of a virus outbreak. So they are quite unsure about their steps. But with aid from how the other counties are dealing with it, it is taking an inspiration.

The state has seen over 4000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. This is quite a thing of trouble. So it is expected that the authorities look into the matter and do something about it.

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What Is The Government Doing?

The government is looking into this issue. They are preparing accurate medical facilities to take care of the patient. But this is where they are struggling. There are not many places with such facilities.

So preparing them is very essential. Also, they don’t have their healthcare standards developed for the hospitals. For now, they are passing on those of Mississipi and other places.

Rhode Island

In addition to that, a ration system is used on the ventilators. This is done to ensure that those that are healthiest are taken good care of.

How Does The Rationing Work Rhode Island?

In the rationing, those people are given preference that has more chance of recovery. These include young people.

Also, it includes women and those who are pregnant. This will ensure that healthcare is favored in the side of those that have brighter chances. This is important right now.