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Re:Zero Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Rumours and All We Know

Earlier this year during March, the Isekai anime “Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World” ended its second season. Following that, fans have been antsy regarding the return of the show for a third season. So is there going to be a Re:Zero Season 3? Has the anime been renewed or canceled? And what could be the potential release date? Read on to find out.

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About The Show

Re:Zero Still
Re:Zero Season 2 Still from the show

Re:Zero is a Isekai anime, and carries a lot of hallmarks of the same. The series is based around our main protagonist Subaru Natsuki, who is just another run of the mill introverted teenager on the surface. That is, until he is spontaneously transported to a fantasy world that he could only imagine. The series breaks away from a lot of the Isekai cliches. As such, Our little protagonist is given a supernatural power. By using this power, he can turn time back. The power is called “Return by Death” and it allows him to turn time back when he dies.

This is a concept very similar to today’s video games. When the main character dies, he or she is transported back to the latest save automatically. And it is the same with Subaru here. So some video game inspiration is apparent. This time travel mechanic is one we highly appreciate. It reminds us of Life is Strange, the video game. In the game, Max can similarly turn time back to make things go her way. She is able to win arguments, save lives, and basically do crazy stuff. Re:Zero also follows the same concept, allowing Subaru to win conflicts by turning time back. The cycle of conflict, rinse, repeat allows him to navigate his way through the series.

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Re:Zero: So Far

Re:Zero Season 3
Re:Zero Season 2 was a phenomenal one and left fans wanting for more

So far, White Fox Studio has released two seasons of the beloved show, and fans have been hungrily consuming everything. Season 2 of the show started streaming last year, but production was soon paused owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, the release of new episodes was also put on hold. The second season in total featured 25 episodes. The first episode was released in July last year and further episodes were released weekly. That is, until the production paused due to the pandemic. After the resumption of production, the second season was thus concluded on March 24, 2021.

The show creators have been very positive so far, and so have been the fans. Fans have greatly loved the second season of the show. And the creators couldn’t be happier about it. In fact, even before the release of the second season, they said that it would leave fans wanting for more. And it seems that what they said is turning out to be true. Fans are already cheering for a third season of the show.

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Re:Zero Season 3: Announcement

Re:Zero Season 3 Announcement
It is still a bit early for Re:Zero Season 3

So far, there has been absolutely no news from the creators regarding a Re:Zero Season 3. And that is quite fair to be honest. Season 2 of the show just ended 2 months ago and it is a bit unreasonable to expect a season 3 right away. So, in all fairness to the creators, it is just way too early to make a statement on season 3 of the show. However, there is a very strong chance that the show will be renewed for a third season. The reasons being the generally positive response from the fans, and the fact that we have only yet reached Arc 4 of the original material. It is expected that season 3 will continue with Arc 5 and continue from there.

Hence, so far, there have been no official announcements about the renewal of Re:Zero. However, in our opinion, the show will absolutely be renewed for a third season. At least that is what logic states how things should be.

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Re:Zero Season 3 Release Date

Given the fact that there has been no announcement of a Re:Zero Season 3 so far, we would venture to say that the chances of it coming out in 2021 are pretty slim. So as of now, nothing can really be said about when season 3 would come out. However, given the schedule for the previous seasons, we might have some idea. The show premiered in 2016, then took 4 long years to return for a second season. Now they might just take another 4 years for a season 3, but given the response season 2 has been getting, we would hope that they would consider releasing it sooner.

A good estimate would be any time between 2022 and 2024. We know that this is a fairly large time frame, but given the current data we have about the show, this is the best we can really say. Since the show has a history of long periods of time between seasons, and the fact that there has been no official announcement so far, this two year period remains our best bet for season 3.

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Re:Zero Season 3 Cast

Re:Zero Cast
The English cast for Re:Zero

The cast for the third season of Re:Zero, if it comes out anytime soon, is expected to remain largely the same. Some new characters might be introduced though, owing to the fact that it is an adaption of a novel.

The current cast for Re:Zero is:

The show is largely expected to follow the above cast for its third season. And we would be highly welcoming of the same given the quality voice acting the actors are currently giving.

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What to Expect From Season 3

As we mentioned before, Season 3 of the show is expected to pick up from arc 5 of the popular novel. The story is expected to follow Subaru and his companions against the fight with witch cultists in Watergate City. This does remind us a bit of Edge of Tomorrow as the movie followed a similar premise. So we do feel that the Tom Cruise starrer deserves a mention here.

At least this is what we expect from season 3 as season 2 left off at arc 4 and should logically follow with arc 5, unless the show runners have other plans in mind. Whatever the case might be, Re:Zero will still retain its magic. It will still continue to enchant its viewers with its twists and turns and simple dark mind play. What the show will entail though, remains to be seen.

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Final Words

Re:Zero is a phenomenal anime, and one that brings a lot of name to Isekai. It has retained its magic throughout the 5 years and the audience reactions reflect it. It is only our hope that the anime returns for a third season. The anticipation is just too much. While it may be too early to make any calls on Re:Zero Season 3, we would venture to say that it has all the positive markers and might just happen sometime.

The anime is currently streaming on Netflix and viewers may watch it on demand as they wish by clicking the link.

The show currently holds a rating of 8.28 on MyAnimeList, our preferred anime platform, and a rating of 8.1 on IMDb. Also, the anime gets a huge thumbs up from us so if you can, do watch it as soon as possible.

Re:Zero Season 3
Re:Zero Poster

What do you think about Re:Zero? Do you like it? Do you agree with our opinion? What are your thoughts on season 3? Is it plausible and will it come out? Let us know in the comments down below.

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