Revive Your Sneakers! A Guide to Cleaning Shoelaces for a Fresh Look



In this realm world of going with the flow of trends, Sneakers are more than just a trend or fashion but an essential part of our daily lives because they provide comfort. Over time, because of regular use of these sneakers, they can accumulate dirt and grime on their surface which makes them look less than their best.

It is an irrefutable fact that most of the masses only focus on cleaning their shoes from top to bottom or right to left but no one can understand the importance of cleaning shoelaces. Through this post, I have mentioned a guide so that you can learn the process of cleaning shoelaces effectively to revive your favorite kicks. It can not be denied that clean shoelaces may transform your sneakers by making them look fresh as well as brand new.

Step-by-step Guide to Clean Shoelaces

 Cleaning Shoelaces

Step1: Remove the Laces

The first and foremost task in order to clean the shoes is to remove the shoelaces from the shoes and then put them into the cleaning solution. This will allow the shoes to be cleaned more properly and effectively as well as efficiently. Do not miss out, on What Leads to the Darkening of My Carpet?

Step2: Pre-treatment

  • if your shoelaces are muddy then hold them for some time under running cold water at full force to remove the unnecessary mud.
  • You can use the brush to clean the loose dirt
  • Let the cleaning work should be done for 10 minutes

Step3: Wash the Laces

Fill a bowl or container with warm water and add a teaspoon of the mild detergent. Then, prepare the spoak=py water mixture and let your shoelaces oak into it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Gently scrub them between your fingers and after 10 to 15 minutes put them out and rinse them into clean water. Check out, What is Clean Energy Charging on an iPhone? How Does It Work?

Step4: Dry the Laces

Be mindful of placing your shoelaces in a hot clothes dryer in the view of fact that heat can melt the plastic tips of shoelaces. You can hang the shoelaces under the sun as per the choice for drying properly.

 Cleaning Shoelaces

Step5: Whiten and Righten the Laces

Should your laces look dirty, make a solution of oxygen-based bleach in warm water as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. After immersing the laces, allow them to soak for a minimum of four hours. Then, proceed with cleaning them and hanging them up to dry naturally.

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Oxygen-based bleach is suitable for cleaning both colored and white laces without any issues. In the absence of oxygen-based bleach, you can eliminate the dinginess by immersing the laces in a mixture of one part hydrogen peroxide to four parts water.


To wrap up every insightful information that I have mentioned above in this article so far, Cleaning shoelaces is just a small task that tends to transform your sneakers by making them look fresh and brand new. You just have to follow some significant steps to maintain the overall cleanliness of your sneakers. Give your shoelaces some care and watch how they play a significant role in transforming the beauty of whole sneakers.

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