Review of “My Old School”: An Amusing, Innovative Documentary


Aditi Narendra

The 2022 film My Old School, by Jono McLeod, is about the Brandon Lee controversy. A 30-year-old former student, Brian MacKinnon, who had been passing himself off as a 17-year-old, was found to be “Brandon Lee,” who had registered as a fifth-year student at Bearsden Academy secondary school in Bearsden, Scotland, a year previously. At the time, the tale garnered extensive and spectacular media exposure.

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1993 documentary My Old School by Jono McLeod, a first-time feature director, presents a delightfully intriguing look back at the life of Brandon Lee, a young man with whom McLeod attended Bearsden Academy, a prestigious secondary school in a wealthy neighborhood of Glasgow, Scotland. To put it gently, Lee turned out to be somewhat different from who he claimed to be. Thus, it is poetic justice that Alan Cumming, a Scottish actor, writer, and singer, “plays” Lee on screen while flawlessly lip-syncing to recordings of the actual Lee.

The film’s director was a classmate of MacKinnon’s at Bearsden Academy. The tale of MacKinnon’s stay at Bearsden and his unveiling is told through a blend of contemporary interviews with MacKinnon’s friends and teachers, cartoon renditions, and historical material. Despite declining to appear on television, MacKinnon agreed to speak for the movie. As a result, actor Alan Cumming plays MacKinnon and lip syncs to the sounds of his interviews.

What is the Release Date of My Old School?

My Old School was selected for a global release before its premiere by Dogwoof, a British film distributor that specializes in documentaries. It practically had its premiere in January at the Sundance Film Festival in 2022. It will release on July 22, 2022, in the USA.

Is There a Trailer for the Movie of My Old School?

The trailer of My Old School is available online. 16-year-old Brandon Lee enrolled in 1993 at Bearsden Academy, a secondary school in an affluent Glasgow, Scotland, neighborhood. What happened over the course of the following two years is now legendary. Dive into the trailer before watching the movie, deciding is it worth your time.

Who is in the Cast of the Movie My Old School?

  • Alan Cumming as Brandon
  • Wam Siluka Jr as Stefen (voice)
  • David Tattoo Dave McKinlay as Self (as David McKinlay)
  • Natalie Mcconnon as Nicola

What is the Plot of the Movie My Old School?

The movie chronicles one peculiar year at McLeod’s secondary school, Bearsden Academy, in a Glasgow, Scotland, suburb. McLeod conducts interviews with himself, his peers, and his teachers. It centers on a boy named Brandon Lee who stood out as a suspicious character in their class and the role he played in the lives of his classmates. Alan Cumming fills in for Lee and lip-syncs the interview because Lee declined to be videotaped for the documentary but agreed to an audio interview. Flashback scenes from animated interludes convey the tale.

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That ambivalence hobbles the film in more serious ways. My Old School is too fascinated by its subject to properly question him and occasionally goes so far as to perpetuate his actions. It would be harsh to spoil the film’s central twist — though McLeod foreshadows it to death in the first act — it’s safe to say that it involves some seriously questionable behavior on the part of Lee, particularly toward his female classmates.

And yet Lee expresses a disturbing lack of remorse for his actions and outright misogynistic beliefs, and the film is content to let him justify them, even showcasing the positive impact he had on other kids. In one particularly unsavory sequence, the filmmakers ask a female classmate of Lee’s to relive an act of deception (that some might call a kind of sexual assault) on camera, just for the sake of shock value.

my old school

For shock value, the makers ask a female classmate of Lee to reenact an act of trickery (which some may refer to as a form of sexual assault) on camera in one particularly obscene scenario.

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Lee’s activities may have all been the result of harmless eccentricity for McLeod; he definitely has the cartoon montages, corny school interviewer settings, and upbeat soundtrack to show it. However, by choosing not to go further into a clearly frightening subject, McLeod reduces his passionate endeavor to a brief, forgettable diversion. “My Old School” is attractive enough to catch the eye, but it hasn’t put in the effort required to receive top scores. It’s like a badly researched speech that has been adhered to on the best poster board and covered in glitter and shiny stickers.


What is the IMDb rating of the Movie My Old School?

The IMDb rating of the movie My Old School is 7.7/10.

How Long is the Movie My Old School?

My Old School is a 1 hour 55 minutes long movie.

Who is the Director of the Movie My Old School?

The movie My Old School is directed by Jono McLeod.

What is the Final Verdict on the Movie My Old School?

A story whose twists are foreshadowed from the start is given a stylish spin in “My Old School,” which strives hard to do so. You should watch this movie,