Review and Overview of Free Score 360 


Mohit Kamboj

It is recommended to check your credit score, and Free Score 360 aims to make it more convenient for you. They say that for just $1, they can quickly give you your credit score from the three main credit bureaus. You won’t have to keep filling out the same forms repeatedly. However, there is additional information about this offer that is not immediately apparent, so we had to do some research to provide you with the complete details.

Overview Free Score 360 

Having a low credit score can prevent you from getting what you want in the world of credit. The issue is that you have three different scores from three different credit agencies. It’s important to know the status of each score because having one score that is different from the others can disrupt the entire system. You can check your credit report for free once a year or when you’re denied credit. However, checking your credit score is not free. If you choose to check your credit score with each agency separately, you will have to pay for it.

What do Free Score 360 Claim?

Free Score 360 says they can get your credit score from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian and show it to you in a simple way. You should be able to easily notice any significant differences between the scores and take action to investigate if there is a problem.


The exciting thing is that checking your scores doesn’t cost just $1. Once you provide your credit card details, you will be automatically enrolled in their credit monitoring service. You will be charged $30 every month until you decide to cancel it. It appears that the $1 charge is a tactic to encourage people to sign up for the monitoring service. Many people may not be aware of this because they didn’t read the terms of service. Others might continue using the service because they believe it will help them improve their credit score.

Free Score 360: Cost and Pricing

They claim it costs only $1, but when you check their main website, you can see the details of the offer.

When you submit your order, you will be charged a $1 processing fee, which you can get refunded. You will also get 3 free credit scores and start your trial membership in ScoreSense® credit monitoring. After the 7-day trial period, your credit/debit card will be charged $29.95 every month unless you call to cancel your ScoreSense membership.

Our main concern is why ScoreSense doesn’t promote their service more prominently instead of hiding it in the offer terms. Can you explain why it’s important to keep an eye on your credit and what benefits ScoreSense provides? But, when I looked into it more on the ScoreSense website, I found out that both sites are actually owned by a big insurance company called AIG. They don’t provide much information about why this service is necessary.

The Commitment

This is meant to save you time and money by providing your credit scores without the need to visit multiple websites and pay for each one individually. However, it is necessary to persevere and complete all the required steps, including filling out forms and following their instructions, in order to obtain your scores. This process can be overwhelming for certain individuals.


The major credit bureaus also try to sell you a credit monitoring service, so Free Score 360 is not doing anything unusual. If you have ever attempted to obtain a free report from these sources, you probably know that they try to sell you additional products or services. This is because it costs a significant amount of money to store all of that data, and they are trying to make the most out of it. It’s not surprising that these free credit checking and free credit score checking sites act similarly because they are probably owned or connected to the major credit bureaus.

Free Score 360 Review

Free Score 360 does provide the 3 reports as promised, but it’s strange that they ask for your credit card information despite being called “free.” People claim that the $1 can be refunded, but they don’t explicitly inform you about the Score Sense service that you will unintentionally be enrolled in. If you want someone to keep an eye on your credit, then you’ll probably find this helpful. But if all you want is to check your credit score, then this might be a bit inconvenient.

But it’s not possible to easily obtain your credit score without any difficulties. The major credit bureaus keep it secure and created it as a way to make money from something other than your credit report. So basically, when it comes to choosing from a group of not-so-great options, Free Score 360 is considered one of the better ones.


In conclusion, Free Score 360 offers a seemingly convenient solution for checking your credit score from the three main credit bureaus for just $1. However, the transparency of this offer is marred by the automatic enrollment in their credit monitoring service, which comes with a monthly fee of $30 after a 7-day trial period. The $1 charge appears to be a strategy to encourage sign-ups, and many users may not be aware of the ongoing costs.