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Restart Phone Without Power Button: 3 Essential Ways To Switch Off/on Your Android Device!

restart phone without power button

So how to restart the phone without power button? Android smartphones accompany a lot of top of the line highlights. By the by, there are times when a software or hardware part can glitch. We have noticed a lot of clients griping about their lethargic Power button.

On the off chance that your power button isn’t working as expected, then, at that point, sit back and relax. There are a lot of ways to restart phone without power button.

In this aide, we’ve posted the 5 most ideal ways to show you how to restart Android phones without the power button. We should kick it off!

Section 1: Turn On Android Without Power Button (When the Screen Is Off)

In a perfect world, you would have to restart the phone without power button when it is either on or off. We, first and foremost, will give the 3 best strategies to show you how to awaken the screen without a power button when it is as yet turned off. You can undoubtedly think about any of these choices to restart your phone.

Technique 1: Plug In Your Android Phone to a Charger

Odds are good that your phone might have just switched off because of low battery. You can simply interface it to a charger and hang tight for it to awaken all alone. On the off chance that your phone’s battery is depleted off completely, you got to hang tight for a couple of moments.

You can get to be familiar with its battery status from an on-screen marker also. If so, then it implies that nothing major is off with your device. Furthermore, it could infer that the power button isn’t working in light of the fact that your phone isn’t sufficiently charged.

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After when your phone’s battery gets charged, attempt to test your power button indeed, as it very well may be working without any issue.

Strategy 2: Restart From the Boot Menu

The boot menu or generally known as the recuperation mode can be utilized to determine a lot of issues on phones. More often than not, it is utilized to production line reset a device or clear its reserve, however it can likewise be utilized to perform different errands.

On the off chance that your phone isn’t getting restarted with the power button, then you can likewise do likewise by entering its boot menu.

  1. Right off the bat, concoct a right key mix to enter your phone’s recuperation menu. This can change starting with one device then onto the next. More often than not, one can get the recuperation menu by lengthy squeezing the Home, Power, and Volume up button all the while. A few other famous key mixes are Home + Volume up + Volume down, Home + Power button, Home + Power + Volume Down, etc.
  1. When you get the recuperation menu choice, you can relinquish the keys. Presently, utilizing your volume all over buttons, you can explore the choices and utilize your home button to make a determination. Thusly, select the choice of “Reboot framework now” and just wake up your device without any issue.

Technique 3: Restart Android With ADB (USB Investigating Empowered)

On the off chance that you are as yet not ready to restart Android without the power button, then, at that point, you can take the help of ADB (Android Debug Bridge).

However, before you continue, you want to guarantee that the USB Debugging highlight on your phone has proactively been turned on. You can undoubtedly do this by following these means and restart the phone without the power button.

  1. First and foremost, download Android Studio and SDK instruments from its true designer site here. Introduce it on your framework.
  1. In the wake of introducing it effectively, visit the catalog where you have introduced ADB. Presently, simply open the order brief and explore to the separate area of your ADB index.
  1. Fantastic! Presently you can interface your phone to your framework utilizing a USB link. Try not to stress regardless of whether it is switched off. You can restart it by providing the connected ADB orders.
  1. Right off the bat, give the order “adb devices” in the order brief. This will show your device’s ID and name. On the off chance that you don’t get a device, then it implies either your device’s drivers are not introduced or its USB troubleshooting highlight has not been empowered.
  1. Just note down your device ID and give the order “adb – s <device ID> reboot”. This will just restart your device. You can likewise give the “adb reboot” order too.

Section 2: Restart Android Without Power Button (When the Screen Is On)

The above-talked about techniques can be carried out to restart Android without the power button on the off chance that your phone is turned off. However, in the event that your phone is still on, you can undoubtedly restart it without utilizing the power button.

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There are a lot of ways of restarting the phone without the power button on the off chance that it is as of now turned on. We have recorded a couple of basic choices here.

Strategy 1: Turn On Android by Home or Camera Buttons

In the event that your phone screen isn’t responsive or in a rest mode (yet turned on), then, at that point, you can constantly attempt to restart it utilizing a couple of straightforward methods. The initial thing to do would plug it into a charger. It can break the continuous rest mode and turn on your device all alone.

In the event that it doesn’t work, then, at that point, consider your device from another person’s phone. It would enact your device and you can sort your concern out a short time later.

Moreover, in the event that you have a home button (and not a sensor for the home button) on your device, then, at that point, you can long-squeeze it to wake it. This should likewise be possible by lengthy squeezing the camera button too.

Strategy 2: Use Apps To Supplant the Power Button

In the event that your phone is still on, you can without much of a stretch take the help of different promptly accessible applications to supplant the use of the power button.

A while later, you can undoubtedly restart the phone without the power button by subbing its activity with some other key (like volume or camera key). Basically, take the help of the accompanying applications and figure out how to turn on the Android phone without the power button right away.

Method 3: Power Button Not Working? What To Do Over the Long Haul?

The power button is what we vigorously depend on while utilizing a phone. Without it, we will find it so difficult to utilize our phones.

There have been provides details regarding Apps and Firmware destroying the presentation on the Android, alongside protests of restart choice breaking down because of the establishment of these applications and firmware on the Android.

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Now and again the reports on the firmware and the application introduced in the Android additionally represent the issues.

All in all, when the Power button is broken, what to do over the long haul? Here are a few working strategies to help.


We are certain that these arrangements will surely come helpful to you on various events. Presently when you know how to restart the Android phone without the power button, you can undoubtedly make the most out of your device without confronting what is going on.

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