Resources, Sites and Knowledge Bases to Help Beginners Master World of Warcraft


Mohit Kamboj

World of Warcraft is one of the largest MMO projects in terms of its capabilities and the amount of content that awaits players at all stages of choosing and leveling a character.

Players will have to learn to understand the game meta – the value and strengths of the class and the ability to use them in any conditions, even if the developers greatly underestimate the capabilities of the class as part of the update and balance adjustment.

The choice of a game class is only the beginning of the development of game content. You have to learn how to farm and earn gold, master new upgrades and PVP content.

Players who have just come to the World of Warcraft will be helped by several popular resources dedicated to the world of Azeroth.

  • Wowhead
  • WoW Wiki Fandom is a link for service that helps beginners interact with professional players and master the main pieces of content. You can purchase in-game gold in any quantity with a guarantee of anonymity, receive coaching and boosting services, and a carry raid.

Buying gold

The service provides game gold in the required quantities with a guarantee of anonymity and disguise of the transaction as a regular exchange between players, so that the game administration does not even have a formal reason to impose game sanctions.


The opportunity to receive step-by-step and planned training from a professional Skycoach player via voice communication. You just need to choose your class and the training will begin. The trainer will teach the basic skills and techniques of farming and PvP, teach you to understand the game meta and the principles of using and learning skills.


You can transfer your account, along with your character, to a professional Skycoach player to provide a character boost service to level 60, or level 70, depending on the request. VPN is used to mask the service, and the service guarantees the safety of personal data. Upon completion of the service, it is recommended to change the password, the status will be displayed on the site in real time.

Raid carry

In raids, players get the best epic and legendary equipment, but for this you need to create or join a group in which no one guarantees success with random players.

You can contact professional Skycoach players who are guaranteed to pass the raid and the entire reward will go to the client, along with additional experience and in-game gold.


Wowhead is one of the most trusted and trusted sources of knowledge and guides that has been written and edited over the years by other players who have gone through the same character development path.

You can decide on the future main character simply by reading the description and manual for the character you are comfortable with.

You can compare the strengths or weaknesses of two or three classes to understand who you want to play.

For example, choosing between a mage and an archer, you will get a few classes that are similar in their tasks and mechanics.

Both do a lot of damage to the target, but the mage hits with a different parameter than the archer.

The archer and mage do not do well in close combat.

The archer and mage can defeat almost any opponent with quick damage and a little bit of luck. The final damage will depend on the chance and strength of a critical attack.

Mage is a very mobile class, but mana dependent. No mana – no ability to cast spells. Use Blink to enter or exit combat. Each type of magician has a magic shield that takes incoming damage not on the level of health, but on the level of mana. But keep in mind that in the case of stable damage, you will first lose mana and will not be able to cast, and then your health will end. The mana shield only works in combat, when you put all your skills into a procast to end the fight here and now.

The archer has a huge attack radius and by controlling this value and not letting the enemy close to him, keeping the distance, you can inflict huge damage on the target, preventing it from even coming within the radius of impact.

World of Warcraft Wiki Fandom

WoW Wiki Fandom is a large database of useful information and statistics that will help all players to better understand the history of the game worlds, the characteristics of the desired weapons and armor, the description of territories and NPCs.

Before taking on an important or desired quest, find information about the quest and the NPC that issues it.

There will be a description with the exact location, the characteristics of the task and its description – single, or part of a series of quests.

You will find a detailed description of the task itself and step-by-step points related to its completion and information about the final reward.

The description will help reduce the time to complete the task and even find information on how to combine several quests if their execution intersects in the same location and is in contact with the same NPC.

Reducing the time to complete the task is an accelerated passage of quests and approaching the coveted level 60 in order to go to explore new locations – the Dragon Islands.

The dragon lands will be associated with tasks to explore the territories and help researchers in the knowledge of the history of their ancestors. You will meet all kinds of dragons, centaurs and giants.