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Resident Evil Resistance: Mode Adds A New Mastermind In May

There is a piece of great news for all the gamers out there! Resident Evil Resistance is releasing a new Mastermind in May. This will be an additional mode in the game. Everyone is very enthusiastic about this mode to hit the screens now.

And ever since the date has been confirmed, fans can’t keep calm. So, they want to know everything about it. And we have the latest deets for you. We will give you the latest information about this asynchronous multiplayer mode.

It was released alongside Resident Evil 3, another member of the Resident Evil franchise. This is going to be released very soon now. And it is confirmed by the markers. So there is nothing for you to worry about. You just have to wait until you get it.

Resident Evil

What Is Happening?

Resident Evil Resistance is an asynchronous multiplayer mode. It eas released along with Resident Evil 3. Now, this game is bringing a new version with itself. It is introducing a new Mastermind in May. And this has got all fans hyped up.

You will see the antagonist joining the roster. And the antagonist is played by Nicholai Ginovaef. He will be terrorizing survivors with Tyrants, traps and other means. So that should get you excited enough for this.

More Information About This

Resident Evil 3 has got mixed reviews about it. It is just not horror enough for you. There is a lot of struggle that the game gets across to fit in. Many elements in the game are clashing with each other.

But this isn’t a standalone horror experience that you’d prefer it to be. It is a very confusing mixture of horror and action. And this has gotten fans questioning about it. But there are a lot of moments in the game that can bring it home.

Also, it is the antagonist and the storytelling of the game that sells it. However, this game isn’t something that the makers should be proud of. By far, it is the worst experience in the Resident Evil trilogy.

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Resident Evil

What Will MasterMind Have?

Now, the protagonist will be joining the rank of survivors. So, her trusty and dodge will also accompany her in doing so. Now, there is updated information about the future of this game. And it has been released by the makers through their official Twitter handles.

Their recent posts have been about their roadmap to all the content that is coming your way. Most of the content will be coming through this summer. It will be coming from June and July. And the antagonist will add to a Mastermind roster.

It will also include Alex Wasker and Annette Birkin. Also, Capcom has announce the arrival of a patch. And it will feature daily mission weeks and other things of the like.

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