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Resident Evil 4: What Could The Upcoming Remake Do For The Gaming Masterpiece?


David Mudd

A Resident Evil 4 remake is almost a foregone conclusion at this point. Capcom hasn’t announced it formally, but if you look at the pattern they’ve followed so far, it’s inevitable that a Resident Evil 4 remake is coming.

A Resident Evil 4 Remake In The Works

Now, we have reports from Video Games Chronicle that Capcom is going full steam ahead with the remake. The report states that newly-formed studio M-Two is taking point on this remake. They apparently worked on part of the Resident Evil 3 remake, but now they’re in charge of the sequel’s remake.

PlatinumGames founder Tatsuya Minami created this studio, and it’s likely that he’s the lead on the part 4 remake. It also reportedly has a bigger team than those of the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil Remakes Are Getting Rave Reviews

The Resident Evil 3 remake actually has a number of references to Resident Evil 4 itself. It had Parasite zombies, which are eerily similar to part 4 Plagas. Both critics and fans have enjoyed the recent remakes quite a lot.

Many have observed that these remakes have surpassed their expectations. They aren’t just the older games with a fresh coat of paint. They’ve reworked old and familiar mechanics and improved them make a game that’s fundamentally better than the original.

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Is The Series At Its Best

Resident Evil 4, however, is Capcom’s most-acclaimed game as it is. On Metacritic, it holds an impressive critic score of 96. As such, a remake of what’s already a gaming masterpiece will demand a high level of attention to detail.

So, it bodes well that the game does have a bigger team than the previous remakes. Shinji Mikami, the original Resident Evil 4’s lead director, is reportedly involved with the remake in an informal capacity, too.

Resident Evil 4

The game’s faster-paced, intense combat was a brand-new direction for the series. Also, instead of the game’s traditional, locked-down cameras, Resident Evil 4 went for an over-the-shoulder look.

These changes proved quite fruitful, as many still consider part 4 to be the best game in the series. That format is quite common nowadays, though. So, while the Resident Evil 4 remake may end up an excellent game, it most likely won’t recapture that magic of the original.