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Resident Evil 3: this is How the Remake Gameplay will Differ from the Original PS1 classiC


David Mudd

Resident Evil 3 remake, which came out in January 2020, with improvised looks, gameplay, visuals, and quality not to mention the scary antagonists and different villains, will significantly differ from the Original PS1 classic, and this is exactly how.

Maps and markets!

So the maps of the remake version are highly different from the one in PS1 classic as they are new and improvised by including more stalls, market alleys and improvised and imagined in a new and fresh zombie theme.


Modified characters

The characters especially the evil ones are outdated in design in obvious ways and the new ones have way more equipped and specialized designs that make them look scarier.

The characters feel extremely lively and less cartoonist now this one’s a little mainstream yet a  significant difference. Looks and characters for such remakes and older versions matter a lot, especially in the Gaming Industry.

And because they look really cool and lively they tend to play an essential role in the gameplay.

The olden games used to pop out the bad guys or the villains out of nowhere, but the new game’s environments, while the bad guys come into the picture, are always nestled like a habitat, not at all times, but in most cases.

Resident Evil 3

This difference you’d know if you’re a professional gamer who’s been gaming throughout the years or are someone that follows stuff like these ardently.

Interesting Interactions

Alright, so this one sounds a little weird to me but the new version includes more interactions with others and by others here, I don’t just mean people but objects as well. So you can enter a shop or an alley and Interact with the table that’s present there.


This difference is slightly small and isn’t that big a deal but definitely means and encourages people who play the game a lot.

Now the older versions didn’t exactly have a proper dodge function. when it came to dodging it was like providing a little nudge to the player but over the days, the improvised versions give out an actual dodge function and get the player in great feels while playing the game.


Compared to the old one the newer version has significantly different patterns and improvisations of Nemesis, with the latest one being An improvised AI in the remade version of Resident Evil 3.

Stay tuned to know more!