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Resident Evil 3: These are The Monsters That are Being Added to the Remake

The Resident Evil 3 game is all set for its release in April 2020. Now the game is quite known for its actions, and from some videos, clips, and footages, some of the new villains are seen and their gruesomeness looks all well prepped.

Undead and more!

One of the most important factors of fear these villains and their backgrounds hit us with is,  as mentioned in the video, the claustrophobic nature of the gameplay and the gruesomeness of course. This also includes the humongous ferocious dogs that roam the streets of Racoon City.

When dogs in general, when they turn angry or turn uncontrollable seem scary and then there comes these resident evil creatures that I don't know from where and how, but give you weirdly scary vibes. you're not exactly scared of them but don't want them to get to you either.

Yeah, I know!

The foe, infected crows are the next type of potential monsters were looking at, that, as shown in the video weren't exactly included in the previous parts. These are T Virus-infected enemies that are deadly and dangerous as hell when you are roaming around or trying to get through in their environment or surrounding.

And of course, how can we forget Nemesis? one of the most gruesome and iconic villains of the resident evil franchise isn't new but has definitely been improved. This improved AI in him is what makes things even scarier.

Hunter Betas, yet another returning villain, this time has a new and scarier look. Giant spiders, on the other hand, are another anti protagonist figure you'll see on the video game. [ps. if you have OCD then please don't watch these creatures because their color shade is just extremely weird and you'll get triggered very badly]

Sliding worms and Gravediggers [the former said to actually be the offspring of the latter] are things that already existed and are expected to make a return.

Apart from all of these, the layouts apparently are equally scary according to people who have played bits of this game.

Monsters, Monsters and More Monsters!

The monsters of the resident evil franchise are mostly because they can walk, crawl and transmit weirdly on almost all corners and walls.

So that's pretty much all about the enemies or villains from The Resident Evil 3 remake.

Stay tuned to know more!


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