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Resident Evil 3: The Recent Demo Shows A Poster Taunting Resident Evil 6


David Mudd

Resident Evil 3 has launched its demo. Fans were very eager for this and have been waiting for it for long now. After the release, some people have noticed an easter egg. Easter eggs and secrets make games all the more fun. Finding such easter eggs is no big deal since they have been a legacy of the Resident Evil Franchise.

This easter egg is made to taunt Resident Evil 6. This is one of the most hated games in the franchise. Such jokes and easter eggs keep gamers engaged and curios dor more. So, when the whole part will release, they will be more engrossed in the game.

This is something that this Franchise has been carrying. So, seeing one in the latest demo is not something new.

About The Easter Egg Resident Evil

The Easter egg is an in-game poster for a movie. The movie is titled ‘Disaster’ and is supposed to be referring to Resident Evil 6 as the disaster. It might be an attempt to spoof the box art for Resident Evil 6. This is because the game was the poorest performer in the Franchise.

Gamers have hated the game for absolutely everything and it completely down crashed on everyone’s hopes. The game is not even considered in the horror genre and is considered more of a shooter game. So, it was considered a disappointment despite the good sales numbers.

The game was criticized for the gameplay, the story. Gamers all over the world had a united hate for the game. So, the game is also the least scoring games in the Franchise.

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Previous In-corporations Of Such Easter Eggs

Resident Evil

This franchise is a master at incorporating easter eggs. Previously, in the remake of Resident Evil 2, many secrets were discovered. It included references of Jill Sandwich. Also, it references Brad Vickers, a famous character that died in the game.

These jokes keep the fun alive in the games and make the gamers want more. This is done by using flyers, posters within the game. So, a user can spot them and have fun.

More The Joke, More The Fun Resident Evil

So, this just makes the games more fun. These jokes keep the fun alive in the game. So much that the gamers are now looking for more easter eggs to decode. This makes them more engrossed in the game.