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Resident Evil 3: Game Remake Receives Mixed Responses From Fanbase


David Mudd

Resident Evil is back with another part. The third part in the franchise was very looked up to and everyone was expecting a lot from it.

But does it stand up to its potential? Are the fans necessarily happy? What are the new changes that this game has? Now, this isn’t the game for this time. In this pandemic, you shouldn’t switch to this game for some peace. But you can always want some thrill and this is the game for it.

The game starts with the narration of a pandemic that has destroyed half of the planet. Relatable much? However, it is talking about a Zombie apocalypse. And that is what is revolves about.

Resident Evil

The second part of the franchise was much loved. So this part had big shoes to fill. How much has it done?

What Is The New Game Like?

Now the new game fails to impress as much. Everyone who has played the second par will feel that this part is quite different. And sadly a little disappointing as well. So you will see a lot of transformation.

But it is very behind from the second part of the game. There is no denying the fact that Resident Evil 2 was, in fact, more technically sound.

Also, the maps were a lot more creepier. So they had a different level of control over you. No matter how hard it tried, this part has failed to beat the second part as such.

What Are The Major Changes?

Many things have changed form. The game is visually very appealing. There is a lot of redesign of the characters. They have been given new looks and also supported with new traits.

Also, the maps are now less creepy. So it is visually more appealing. So after the second part, you cant relate to the game.

Resident Evil

You will find it connected to that game but still too disconnected. That is the chaos that many people are dealing with.

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More About The Game (Resident Evil)

This part is a lot more fast-paced. It has a lot of action buildup as compared to the other parts. Also, it has shifted to action more than the usual puzzle-solving.

And that can be both a hit and a miss. You have limited exploration. But other than that, it is a good use of time.