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Resident Alien Season 2: Plot | Release Date


David Mudd

Resident Alien is a Canadian Sci-fi comedy-drama created by Chris Sheridan. Within a short span, the show has become a favourite. And it makes sense. The show is like a breath of fresh air in the times where we could use it. Resident Alien Season 2  will be a great watch!

The idea that we are not alone in the universe has always been enjoyed by the curious audience. The focuses on this and tries to find what if were discovered first by the other planetary beings?  That’s how the plot begins. 

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Adaptation of Resident Alien Season 2 

The show is based on the comic book series of the same name by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. 

Plot of Resident Alien Season 2 

a glimpse from resident alien season 2
Featuring a still from Resident Alien!

An extraterrestrial being is sent to earth to wipe out humankind. When this alien being crashes on a small Colorado mountain, his ship is damaged and he loses an important device. The first person he kills is a doctor, Harry Vanderspiegle, whose identity he later assumes after a molecular reconstruction. He spends some amount of time in the dead doctor’s cabin and Law and Order. He used this show as a guide to understand, communicate and respond to human beings. 

There is also a nice catch here. The Mayor’s son Max, an eight-year-old, can see the alien’s true form. Things are about to get weird and dangerous.

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Comedy Rocks 

When it comes to American Television, there is no scarcity of sitcoms. But not all of them can swing it like this one. The comedy of the show stems from alien- Harry’s odd behaviour. His difficulty in understanding the human ways and doing outrageous things(he opens a casket and smells the dead, for example). His odd responses and even odder handling of situations will give you a lot of LOL moments. Hats off to you, Chris Sheridan.

The Alien 

showcasing the alien from resident alien season 2
Featuring the Extraterrestrial Being from Resident Alien!

The alien comes to earth to destroy its inhabitants,i.e. the humans. The unexpected crash and damage of the spaceship make all his plans go awry. Now he had no choice but to take human form and survive on an alien planet.

 As the town doctor gets murdered, he becomes the lead medical examiner of the town. It’s hilarious when he uses Law and Order as his guide to navigating human society and decorum. He plays a humming tune “Chung Chung Chung” when he sees a murder. His openly weird and suspicious behaviour is bound to raise eyebrows. 

His story has a softer and warmer side too. The alien misses his home and his family. Slowly he feels human emotions or rather as he puts it “he might be infected by emotions’ ‘. Unwittingly, he gets attached to a species he is supposed to destroy. 

Alan Tudyk has a marvellous job. He rocked as an alien.

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Max: The Problem

Max is the Mayor’s son. He suffers from a rare mutation that allows him to see Harry-like alien in his true form. The first time they both encounter each other, Max runs out of the room screaming. He keeps telling everyone that Dr Vanderspiegle is an alien but nobody believes him. He keeps drawing alien faces and only his friend Sahar believes him.

Alien — Harry keeps planning to kill off Max but without success. Max’s fear later dials down and he interacts with the alien with sass. He clearly says that alien -Harry cannot fool him. Their interaction is funny and sharp and feels spontaneous. It is a delightful treat to watch Max and Sahar investigating the alien. 

Alien and Humans 

Curiosity is endless when it comes to other planetary beings. Countless times did we wonder how an interaction would go between aliens and humans. The humans are looked at from the perspective of the alien. The fresh comedy and the warmth go hand in hand in this show. 

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A Discussion with the Octopus 

Alien Harry meets an alien octopus in a restaurant. They both seem to be from the same race. They share a kind of Widow’s woe and the conversation was one of the best scenes of season 1.

Resident Alien Season 2 

featuring alan tudyk from resident alien season 2
Starring the face behind the Alien, Alan Tudyk!

A season 2 of the show is confirmed. The off-beat comedy and its treatment of comedy and suspense is something rare and well-executed. This has led the show to immense success. Season 2 will be launched in 2022 and Alan Tudyk will reprise his role.

Release date of Resident Alien Season 2 

Season 2 of the show will air on 30th March 2022.

Resident Alien Season 2 Available on 

It can be watched on Hulu + live tv, YouTube tv and the SyFy network.


The series reminds me of shows like X Files and V. But here the approach is refreshingly humorous. This kind of soft and easy show is something that we need. So it fits right in.

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