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ReLife Season 2: Does Slice of Life Be Back?


David Mudd

“You’re just too busy comparing yourself to others to see. Those comparisons aren’t the only measure. Don’t say it’s all pointless. You’ve worked hard and made yourself better. That’s what you got in return. So don’t put yourself down like this.” – Kaizaki Arata

Isn’t the quote has tones of meaning in our real life? Right… The quote is not from any scholar but rather from a series, about which we are going to talk. And the series is ReLife.

Ever since its first season, fans are eager for season 2 and we will provide you all the updated information so that you understand it thoroughly. So, continue reading till the end.

ReLife Season 2:

A Japanese manga series ReLife is written and illustrated by Yayoiso. While its anime adaption is from TMS Entertainment.

The series was premiered on July 2, 2016. Even its live-action film is also available, adapted for the same name, and was released in 2017. After the first season, a special episode collection of OVA was released in March, and there since, fans are anticipating season2. 

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ReLife Season 2: Renewal Status:

ReLife was a big hit, whether the first season or OVA episodes, all chapters hook the audience’s mind. Even the debut season produced by TMS Entertainment increased its fans following a number of times.

Since then, fans are having an eye on the producers for knowing the series future. But disappointingly, nothing has been revealed by the creators for their audience. A heartbreaking situation for all of us.

Well, the future of ReLife is secretive as there are no words from the producers, whether it will be back to relish you or not. We will definitely update this section if the series gets a renewal.

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Is there are any chances for ReLife Season 2 comeback?

Genuinely, don’t keep your hopes much high for the comeback of season 2. After the first season, 4 OVA episodes have been released by the producers.

All the unanswered questions of season one have been answered in the OVA episodes. That’s the reason behind the release of ReLife OVA special episodes. So, in short, these special episodes are meant to give a perfect picture to the storyline. Maybe, according to the makers they are done with the series and hence not entertaining season 2.

Still, all its fans are expressing their high desire for season 2, perhaps this will work for you, and the series might be back with its sequel.

Considering all the above, it is obvious, chances for season 2 are quite slight. If any official statement will release then you can check it here. So, mark our website for the latest updates.

Unique Chit-Chats of ReLife Season 2:

Chit-Chat… What a great pleasure. Isn’t it? Here, are the unique chit-chats from ReLife:

  • “I want to defeat the me that’s dragging this failure around. I don’t want to forget my failure. But if I carry it with me as a bad memory and keep running away, I will never change.” – Chizuru Hishiro


  • “If someone always follows the perfect path without ever facing hardship… Is it really what’s best for that person?” – Ryo Yoake


  • “There is no right answer for getting along. Different people require different answers.” – Kaizaki Arata


  • “Knocking others down to gain an advantage is a fruitless endeavor. It means they’ve given up on winning any other way.” – Saiki Michiru


  • “Trying to knock others down a peg just means lowering yourself. Don’t go trampling all the hard-work and trust you’ve built up. It insults the effort you put in.” – Kaizaki Arata

Final Thoughts:

The article is entirely based on season 2, what has happened to it, and is there any hope for season two. Assuming, you get in-depth information about it. Still, you seeking anything about its sequel then write to us in the reference section.

Apart from this, facing issues in tech, business or any other nothing, freely write to us. Your all issues will be entertained. Till then, if you like the article then share it with your anime admirer’s friends.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will ReLife be back with Season 2?

The chances for its sequel is pretty slight as there are no words from the creators for its comeback. I know, being a hardcore fan, you are highly excited but the hope is little. The special OVA episodes clear all the doubts of season one. So, nothing much is available to be displayed in season 2.

How many episodes are there in ReLife Season 2?

Since season 2 is not confirmed and nothing is declared about its sequel. So, information related to episodes is not available. Once the season gets a positive wave, then we can think of the episode guide and other information about the sequel.

Is ReLife finished?

After the ending of the first season, producers came up with 4 OVA episodes. Till then, there is no confirmation or cancelation of the series news. So, nothing is clear whether the series will be back or not. If there will be no words from the creators about this series in the future then it is expected the series will be canceled.