Release Date, Plot and Many More About Future Diary Season 2


Aditi Deshinge

If you are a thriller fantasy anime fan then we are sure you have heard about Future Diary. The anime is got a remarkable hit since it had been released.

Ten years had been left since the last episode of Future Diary was released. Unfortunately, there is no news regarding its sequel or renewal to this date.

future diary season 2

Fans are eagerly waiting for Future Diary season 2 and also they are demanding for next season. So we are here to tell you the news regarding Future Diary Season 2.

Readers, if you want to know everything about this series then keep reading this article.

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Future Diary is a Japanese anime series and till now its only single season had been released. The genre of this series is action, drama, thriller, romance and anime.

The release date of the series is not declared yet and most probably it will be broadcast on Netflix.

What Will Be the Release Date of Future Diary Season 2?

According to reports, Future Diary is not going to renew for next season so far. Some rumours are there about the renewal of the series but season 2 is cancelled. Therefore we are here to clear all the matters regarding the cancellation of Future Diary season 2.

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The production house did not declare any official news regarding the cancellation of next season yet.

What Will Be the Story of Future Diary Season 2?

The story of Future Diary centres around a 14 years old boy Yukiteru who loves to write a diary on his mobile phone. He is an introverted person who has only one friend. This friend of his is a God called Deus Ex Machina who one day challenges Yukiteru to play the game of survival with him.

By using diaries, 12 contestants in this game will eliminate each other. For surviving this game, Yokiteru teams up with another player who is a girl named Yuno. Diaries in this game are used as weapons against other players.

future diary

What Will Be the Characters and Voice Artists for the Future Diary Season 2?

The writer and illustrator of this anime are Sakae Esuno. Mirai Nikki is also a name of Future Diary which was also published in one magazine which is Kadokawa Shoten’s, Shonen Ace.

The season has overall 12 volumes and it had come out by January 2006 and December 2010. The anime is produced by Studio Asread because his light novel had become popular. Directors of Future Diary are Michiko Namiki and Shogo Miyaki.

The voice cast of Future Diary is as follows-

Misuzu Togashi – Yukiteru Amano

Tomosa Murata – Yuno Gasai

Mnami Honda – Muru Muru

Norio Wakamoto – Deus Ex Machina

Yuki Matsuoka – Hinata Hino

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What Are the Reasons Behind Delaying Future Diary Season 2?

As the story of the Future Diary show is already completed so it is not going to renew for next season. The OVA episode which had aired after the end of the first season had wrapped up the ending of Future Diary. The OVA aired in some time of 2013 June.

Still, if you are feeling unsatisfied with the first season then we advise you to watch the OVA episode.

future diary

What Ratings and Reviews Had Received Future Diary?

Future Diary had received a 7.6 out of 10 rating by IMDb which is based on 16,734 votes. Also, MyAnimeList had given the show a 7.4 rating. This anime is full of drama, action, thriller, romance and mystery.

The fans claim the show is worth watching because of its storyline and character building.

The anime is remarkably well penned and everything about the show is just fabulous. I would like to suggest this series to watch for everyone because it is worth your time. The plot of the show is fantastic, the art style is incredible and all of the above characters are written aesthetically.

I couldn’t stop myself to write about this show because I enjoyed the show a lot. There is no flaw in this show and the rebroadcast of the show is also great.

Frequently Ask Questions

Where to Watch Future Diary?

So, you can watch this anime series on Netflix, Hulu, Anime planet, Crunchyroll and many other websites.

Is Future Diary Season 2 Trailer Released?

Fans of Future diary Season are eagerly waiting for the release of its first trailer since it had been announced last year. The first season of Future Diary was a radiant success which is receiving positive reviews from its audience.

One of the most awesome news regarding this season is Netflix is going to broadcast the second season rather than streaming it on television. But still, there is no official trailer for Future Diary Season 2.


Here is the official trailer of Future Diary season 1 which will give you an idea regarding the story of this anime series so must watch and keep reading our articles.


The first season of the future diary is made up of 12 volumes and the OVA had ended the story of Future Diary so there is nothing left for production to renew the season.

The anime will come up next season only if the writer wants to continue the story, so we still need to wait for more updates regarding the anime.