Release Date of Jinx Chapter 15: When Will It Air?


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In Jinx chapter 15, we will get to understand what Jaekyun needs to attempt with Kim as he is presently completely lowered in himself to him because of his steady terrible circumstances. Assuming you had read the past chapters, you would have known Jaekyun appropriately.

Presently, the inquiry emerges will he exploit delicate Kim in the incorrect manner or help him in lifting from his circumstance? How about we hang tight for it.

Jinx is a story following the existence of Kim Dan, who is loaded up with terrible luck. He functions as an actual specialist. He is in gigantic obligation, for which loansharks disturb him each approaching day and once in a while beat him gravely for their diversion and satisfaction. One day he will fill an earnest prerequisite for the actual specialist as the past one is no more.

The client is, as a matter of fact, the most lucrative MFC champion warrior ‘Joo Jaekyun.’ Kim takes care of his business with minimal all over and leaves, however the contender likes it.

Kim is seen working at different shops and siphons to arrive at his everyday necessity and credit cash. Kim’s occupation as a specialist is gone because his clinic’s central specialist attempts to attack and attack him.

One evening, Kim gets a call straightforwardly from Jaekyun for a critical meeting. Afterward, it is realized that Jaekyun haves a jinx or revile on him, which confines him from performing at his maximum capacity in a battle. Also, the main thing to stifle it is to have fulfilling sex. Kim was known as something very similar. What happens when he acknowledges the proposition for a major sum?

Release Date of Jinx Chapter 15

Jinxed Episode 15 Release Date

Jinxed At First is approaching its end, and it has been an extraordinary watch for homegrown and global viewers. As the lead stars Young ladies’ Age Seohyun and Na In Charm keep on battling their direction towards a blissful completion, and their unimaginable science simply improves.

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Jinxed At First depends on a webtoon of a similar name composed by Han Ji Hye and Koo Seul. It is a dream sentiment show that portrays the narrative of an unfortunate man who meets the goddess of fortune and karma who was concealed by a rich family.

KBS 2TV Kdrama Jinxed At First Episode 15 is set to air on March 3 and 4, 2023 at 9:50 PM KST. The specific season of the episode’s release relies upon your area and time region. Jinxed At First Episode 15 will be made accessible on Viki and iQiyi with English captions hours after its Korean network release.

Jinx Chapter 15 Spoilers: What Will Happen Now?

Chapter 15 of Jinx portrays what happened during the meeting after Joo took care of Kim and high-leveled him cash. Joo wanted to poop preceding the challenge, regardless of the way that MMA contenders and rivals in all sports are denied from doing as such.

He had mentioned that Kim be adequately good for the specialist to have the option to deal with him over the course of their time together. In any case, it didn’t continue as expected.

Joo’s performance was debilitated, and he couldn’t battle actually. Kim will see him promptly to figure out what has happened with the enormous man.

Also, he will determine what happened between them the night before that caused his performance to diminish so definitely. On the brilliant side, this issue won’t contain any of the unfortunate occasions that caused you to feel horrendous for Kim.

Release Date of Jinx Chapter 15

Jinxed At First Episode 15 Preview

Jinxed At First Episode 15 preview not entirely settled to break the revile that ties their family for ages. Be that as it may, to succeed, he should demolish Geumhwa Gathering.

Then again, Misoo appears to have power left inside her. She uses it to stop the experiencing experienced by Samjoong. Seulbi gets a call from Dongshik, compromising her that she will ultimately come to him when the opportunity arrives.

Jinx Chapter 14 Recap

In chapter 10, Jaekyun is familiar with Kim’s destitution when he conveys tanked Kim to his lamentable safe house (Joo’s words). Chapter 14 beginnings with Kim remaining on a transport seeing his telephone, and pondering the 14,000 bucks that he will get from Jaekyun’s MFC champion battle.

Repaying the advance with full interest and the hospital expenses of his grandmother rolls before his eyes. Returning, he gets a call from the redevelopment affiliation cautioning him to purge his loft or will meet in legal disputes.

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Presently, Kim is crushed as he had guaranteed his granny to move her back to her long recalling home. As of late, he got his most memorable compensation from Jaekyun, which is already used in the compensation. He ponders the second with his grandmother.

Out of nowhere loansharks go up against him, getting some information about his ordinary nonattendance, to which he answers that he has already paid the interest of the ongoing month and will pay the excess soon. They request him what sort from work he is doing now that wasn’t paying a lot of before.

Kim states, ‘this cash is legitimate and not from any illegal tax avoidance kind of thing.’ Still, they beat him as their mark. What more? The following day he arrives at the rec center with his passed on eye covered as it was harmed because of the earlier evening’s beating. Recognized by everybody, overlooked by Jaekyun has some time off in the wake of preparing.

Release Date of Jinx Chapter 15

Presently Kim needs to figure out how to request advance wages and which he does by gathering mental fortitude. Jaekyun thinks that it is disagreeable. Kim makes sense of his ongoing home issue and settles on the term of doing anything with no restriction.

Jaekyun finds it pitiable from the get go yet concurs, pondering something he has to him.

What Is the Release Date for Jinx Chapter 14?

Jinx has a timetable set for delivering another chapter after at regular intervals. Chapter 12 aired on 22 January 2023, and Chapter 10 on 14 January. Taking a gander at the consistency of the chapter’s release, there not is by all accounts any uncertainty that Chapter 14 will be accessible to us on Feb 16- Feb 17 as per Tough Tackle.

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Then, at that point, as indicated by this, the release date and time regarding various courses of events will be –

  • Pacific Light Time: 8.00 AM (Thursday, 2 February 2023)
  • English Mid year: 4.00 PM (Thursday, 2 February 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time: 8.30 PM (Thursday, 2 February 2023)
  • Philippines Standard Time: 11.00 PM (Thursday, 2 February 20233)
  • Korean Standard Time: 12:00 AM (Friday, 3 February 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time:12:00 AM (Friday, 3 February 2023)

Release Date of Jinx Chapter 15


Jinx is a story following the existence of Kim Dan, who is loaded up with horrible luck. He functions as an actual specialist.

He is in enormous obligation, for which loansharks disturb him each approaching day and at times beat him severely for their diversion and happiness. One day he will fill an earnest necessity for the actual specialist as the past one is no more.

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