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Reddit: Reddit Pulls Back Chat Rooms after Infuriating the Moderators

Reddit reversed its decision and pulled back the Start Chatting feature from the site. The decision made after many of its moderators asked to do so. The company added the Start Chatting feature intending to create small chat rooms within the users. The move to take away the feature eas after the flood of negative feedback from its moderators.

The intention of Reddit was good that they did that to allow Redditors to connect with others. It could be used to chat and stay connected in a difficult period like this. Everyone needs someone to stay healthy in the lockdown season. The platform is so fascinating that users keep looking for sources to purchase an aged Reddit account to stay on the top.

Why the Negative Feedback (Reddit)


The company says that they give more importance to the comfort of its users. So they took down the feature to reassess its rollout plan. Besides, to make it meet the needs of the Reddit community. However, earlier tests done with Start Chatting were a success and got positive feedbacks.

The launch was a surprise among the site’s users. But it all went on another way after its launch on Wednesday. Confusion and frustration were filled in the comments from moderators in the comment section of the announcement post. Most of the comments included worries about the control of developers over the chats. Many users who have an abusive mind can take advantage of the feature was one among them. Besides, some users show their concerns about troll groups and scammers.

However, the product VP, Alex Le clarified later that the feature was not at all enabled for these types of users. A re-launch for the feature remains unknown yet. The company said that they are committed to truthful direct communication with its users and will use this opportunity to collect input, feedback, and build experience.


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