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Red vs Blue Season 18 : Interesting Facts to Know


David Mudd

red vs blue season 18

Red vs Blue: Zero, also known as Red vs Blue Season 18, is as old as the internet itself for many! That’s because the series first aired in 2003, making it one year older than Facebook and two years older than YouTube, so you can probably think of how old the original fan base is.

Basically, the complete Red vs Blue comic science fiction web series was initially based on the Microsoft PC and Xbox game Halo. The costumes and location very much resemble the ones in video games.

Did you know the series wasn’t really expected to go such a long way when it was first made, instead it was planned to be a mini-series with just a few episodes? 

But when the series was made available on the Internet on 1 April 2003, the viewership numbers came as a surprise for the makers and hence began the rise of our beloved show!

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Red Vs Blue: Zero Season 18 Overview

Also commonly referred to as RvB, It is an American comic science fiction series developed by Burnie Burns and produced by Rooster Teeth. The series is basically a science fiction military based first-person shooter franchise (18 Seasons as of June 2021).

Red vs Blue is the 3rd longest-running animated web series of all time and the highest episodic run ever! I am not going to make it boring by mentioning all the individual achievements of the show. Still, just to give you an overview, Red vs Blue has won 4 major and several other accolades from reputed award shows and studios.

red vs blue season 18

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Red vs Blue: Zero – Plot/Storyline

As the name states, it is majorly about two teams of red and blue color who are engaged in a civil war. Each team occupies a Blood Gulch base camp. Later it turns out that this whole “Red vs Blue” thing wasn’t really a civil war, but a training program and both teams (RvB) were taking orders from the same source, which is “Project Freelancer”.

Although both teams are supposed to defeat the other one and capture the opponent’s flag, 

There is no motivation in both teams to do what they are supposed to do. But there is one person called Sarge, the leader of team “Red”, eagerly waiting to defeat the Blue team.

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Red Vs Blue: Zero Season 18

In Season 18, Washington’s brain damage is cured by implanting robotic replacements; meanwhile, Carolina supervises the transfer of an alien to a secure facility. However, the transfer is attacked by Zero and his subordinates Diesel and Phase. Zero can kill multiple opponents and can defeat Washington and Carolina in hand to hand combat.

After nearly losing the fight, the shattered team heads back to the facility after picking up new recruit Raymond. The drivers, East and Agent one, turn the peaceful drive into a race and invite trouble from their supervisor Agent West.

However, instead of punishing the duo for the unnecessary competitive race, West states that he has more significant problems to deal with.

While all this is happening, Diesel and Phase have successfully gathered the required information from Washington using a “mysterious dagger”. Zero has meanwhile killed the remaining guards and destroyed the facility before leaving.

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Red vs Blue: Season 18 ‘Zero’ reviews: Wrapping Up

The show felt more like a mini-series rather than a full-fledged season. The gap between the Season 17 of RvB makes it somewhat confusing as the story kind of skips to new incidents.

If you have seen Season 1 to 17 multiple times, you must have already noticed the missing stupidity and parodic humour. While the overall acting by the current cast is good, you will miss the original cast in Season 18.

Battles happening in Season 18 were undoubtedly great. The show doesn’t get boring at any point. We’re now looking forward to Season 19 (if ever made) and hoping to see the Blood Gulch crew being brought back along with a shattered squad to chase down Zero!

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