Red Dead Redemption 2: RDR Online Users Receive Free Gold Bars For Just Logging In


David Mudd

Red Dead Redemption 2: It’s a jovial flash for all the game lovers of RDR. Because this week RDR brings you huge rewards for Daily Challenges and double XP events are now streaming for all crack shots and jockeys.

RDR Good News For Players This Week

Yes, Red Dead Redemption allows users to get many more rewards this time. If the player completes his daily challenges, then it will reward him. What’s in the reward? Well, the reward includes 10 Special Miracle Tonics, 10 Special Health Cures, 10 Special snake Oils, and most interestingly 20 Incendiary Buckshot Slugs. Amazed right!!

The game also allows users to get 5 GOLD BARS just logging in to Purple Lifeless On-Line.

Red Dead Redemption

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Well, these rewards reach your Camp Lockbox within 48 hours. There are some discounts on in-game purchases like 70% off select items. Riffles, Pistols, and Pamphlets are currently at 40%off. While, coming to thew outfit Shirts, Ponches and all other outfit items are streaming with 50%off. Got waxed with warhorse, then this time off hand hostlers, gun belts, war horses, draft horses are currently available at 70%off. So get on, and save on.

Well, talking about last week’s items, they still available until April 13. So don’t miss the chance if you missed earlier.

About Red Dead Redemption 2

Red dead series is back with RDR 2. The RDR is a well-known action cum adventurous game, produced and developed by Rockstar Games.

The game RDR 2 is a prequel to the 2010 game RDR, which is the third series of Red Dead Series. he first series is Red dead revolver was released on may 4, 2004, providing access to Play Station 2,3,4, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox one platforms.

The developer Rockstar San Diego came up with the second sequel of RD Series with RDR 2which is not a direct sequel of Red Dead Revolver, released on 18 May 2010.

Red Dead Redemption

After nearly eight years of span, RD Series bounce back with its third series namely RDR 2 which is a prequel to RDR.

It’s fabulous to hear that all this money accounted for by RDR games will go to Coronavirus pandemic rescue. The Rockstar promised to give away all the money that it got in RDR and Grand Theft Auto V will go to COVID-19 pandemic.