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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 79 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scan, And Where to Read!

Written by the author Takumi Fukui Shinya Umemura Chika Aji, the series Record of Ragnarok is spun around the genre of action, drama, fantasy, historical drama, and more.

It revolves around the fight between the gods and humanity. The story begins when the gods call for an accord to choose the future of humanity, whether it should live or die. Then all of a sudden, a lone Valkyrie comes up and suggests the last fight between humanity and the gods. So it is decided at last that 13 gods will fight against 13 humans in one to one battle to decide the survival of humanity.

Hence, in this article, we will be reading about the turns the story will take in the upcoming chapter 79 of the series Record of Ragnarok.

What is the Release Date of Record of Ragnarok Chapter 79?

The series Record of Ragnarok has recently published chapter 78 on May 22, 2023. And with that very release, fans started looking for the release of the next chapter 79.

But as it is the series of a Weekly magazine, it publishes every new chapter on a monthly basis. Therefore, the new chapter 79 will be surfaced on June 25, 2023. 

Let’s move ahead to check out the other details of this impending chapter.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 79 – Spoilers!

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 79 Release Date

It is quite disappointing to state that no spoilers have been shared yet. Since it has been just a few days since the release of the previous chapter 78 and even many days are left in the publishing of the new chapter, so you will have to wait for some more days for the spoilers.

Additionally, I will suggest you keep reaching back to this article, as we will be editing this article with the spoilers when it will be out.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 79 – Raw Scan!

Raw Scans are mostly shared a few days before the official drop date of the new chapter. And the new chapter is not going to release soon….so it is not possible to expect any raw scans at present.

But we will revise this section as and when the raw scans of the upcoming chapter are shared, so stay tuned with us.

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What Happened in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 78 – Recap?

The previous chapter 78 of the series Record of Ragnarok left the fans in amazement with its plot. Let’s take a look at the happenings of the last chapter.

In the last chapter, we read that Baal was looking for Hades at some point as he was going to end his life. But Hades of this domain were quite sharp as they wanted to continue the journey of Ball to continue for as long as possible.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 79 Release Date

The clash went on such a high note that it is expected in the next chapter the readers will get a chance to get a glimpse of the fabled perspective of Baal, but it was Satan.

Tesla gets overwhelmed seeing the release of flies that were permeated with the Staff’s energy and he was left with no choice except to evolve himself. As now Baal is declared the winner, the game will continue and new competitors will be announced.

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Where to Read Record of Ragnarok Chapter 79?

If you want to read this amazing series with a gripping plot then I will suggest you catch it on Viz Media, Crunchyroll, and Shonen Jump App. You can either choose a free reading platform or one with a premium as per your convenience.

Moreover, you will also get English translations of the chapter on all these platforms.


In this article, we read about the details of the forthcoming chapter 79 of the series Record of Ragnarok which is going to be dropped officially on June 25, 2023, as it follows the monthly release schedule. The chapter will be available for reading in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Viz media, and more. But you will have to wait for a few more days for the English translations of the chapter.

We will try our best to provide updates as the situation progresses. Stay tuned and make sure to bookmark our website Trending News Buzz for future reference and if you loved our article, then share it with your friends.

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