Reborn Rich Season 2: After Getting its Emmy Nomination, Will There Be Another Season of the Show?



Director Jung Dae-Yoon presented a new K drama series which has already created virus spread popularity all around the world. The first release of Reborn Rich brings out the incredible storyline of the series which has not only marked enormous success but also generated huge potential around the world.

The showmaker has already begun anticipating the future of the series and loved everything present in the first season of the year. You already know that Korean drama series are majorly popular around the world and shows like Reborn Rich are already setting a new bar among them.

In today’s article, we will be going to talk about the future of the year. I know you guys have a lot of questions and the website is going to solve them. Check out the details of the show and find out everything about the series.

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  • Fantasy
  • Period
  • Revenge
Based on The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate

by San Gyung

Written by
  • Kim Tae-hee
  • Jang Eun-jae
Directed by Jung Dae-yoon
  • Song Joong-ki
  • Lee Sung-min
  • Shin Hyun-been
Music by Jeon Chang-yeop
Country of origin South Korea
Original language Korean
No. of episodes 16
Executive producers
  • Ahn Hyun-sook
  • Lee Ye-seul
  • Kim Dong-rae
  • Park Seong-eun
Running time 60–87 minutes
Production companies
  • SLL
  • RaemongRaein
  • The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate SPC
Budget ₩30~35 billion
Original release
Network JTBC
Release November 18 –

December 25, 2022

Reborn Rich Season 2 Release Date: When it is going to be released?

There are a lot of people who are excited to watch the second season of the series. Being a current drama series, we already know that the majority of seasons consist of one part only. As of now we already know that reborn rich has got its nomination in awards.

We have already seen how the squid game gained popularity and achieved the same appreciation from the people. This allows the current series to renew its series and work for season two. After that happened with Reborn Rich, people started to look for the updates for season two.

However, at the time of writing, we don’t have any updates regarding the upcoming season the list of officials of the series has already discussed the show and has not yet confirmed anything about the next part of the series.

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Reborn Rich Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

If you have watched the first season of the show, you will know that the cast of Reborn Rich contains some of the skillful people who have helped to gain the show more popularity.

  • Song Joong-ki as Jin Do-jun / Yoon Hyun-woo
  • Kim Kang-hoon as young Jin Do-jun
  • Lee Sung-min as Jin Yang-chul
  • Shin Hyun-been as Seo Min-young
  • Yoon Je-moon as Jin Young-ki
  • Kim Jung-nan as Son Jung-dae
  • Kim Nam-hee as Jin Seong-jun
  • Moon Seong-hyun as young Jin Seong-joon
  • Park Ji-hyun as Mo Hyun-min
  • Jo Han-chul as Jin Dong-ki
  • Seo Jae-hee as Yoo Ji-na
  • Jo Hye-joo as Jin Ye-jun
  • Kim Shin-rok as Jin Hwa-young
  • Kim Do-hyun as Choi Chang-je
  • Kim Young-jae as Jin Yoon-ki
  • Jung Hye-young as Lee Hae-in
  • Kang Ki-doong as Jin Hyung-jun
  • Cha Sung-je as young Jin Hyung-jun
  • Kim Hyun as Lee Pil-ok
  • Jung Hee-tae as Lee Hang-jae
  • Heo Jung-do as Kim Ju-ryeon
  • Park Hyuk-kwon as Oh Se-hyeon/Mason Oh
  • Tiffany Young as Rachel
  • Park Ji-hoon as Ha In-seok
  • Kim Jung-woo as Woo Byung-jun
  • Kang Gil-woo as Baek Dong-min
  • Lee Byung-joon as Ju Young-il
  • Lee Hwang-eui as Mo Young-bae
  • Ham Tae-in as Soonyang Group employee
  • Jeon Jin-oh

Reborn Rich Season 2 Plot Updates: What to expect with it?

The official synopsis of the show says, “Yoon Hyeon-Woo (Song Joong-Ki) has worked for Soonyang Conglomerate for more than 10 years. His job mainly consists of taking care of the family that runs the company.

His work is similar to that of a servant, but he is falsely accused of embezzlement by the conglomerate family. He is then shot while on a business trip overseas. The next moment, Yoon Hyeon-Woo finds himself in the body of the family’s youngest grandson Jin Do-Jun (Song Joong-Ki). He decides to take revenge on the Soonyang Conglomerate family and also take over the company.”

If there comes a season 2, we can expect the viewers to see the same thing. The show makers have not yet announced anything specific but if there will be any updates, we will advise you to watch it.

Reborn Rich Season 2 Official Trailer

The second season of the series will be announced once everything regarding the series will be confirmed. Till then we advise you guys to watch the official trailer for the first season to check out more about it.

Where to watch the show?

We know that people are excited to watch the second season of the series and if you are one of them, you can stream the series online on Viki when it comes to Korean Shows is one of the popular streaming platforms that has some of the best TV shows all around the world.

What are the ratings of the show?

As we have already discussed it got its Emmy nomination for being one of the popular mini-series so there are chances for the viewers to get about it. If you have any questions regarding the future of the series, we are here to help you out, but before that test take a look at the ratings of the show that are given by the critics and the audience.

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Unfortunately, at the time of writing we don’t have any updates regarding the future of the show list of the Korean drama series has not been released any statement that will confirm the future of the show. If you guys are looking forward to watching this series, then we advise you to wait for a while so that you don’t miss anything.

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