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6 Reasons Andrew Tate has Made the News Already in 2023


Sandeep Singh

Chances are most of you have come across this guy in the last 12 months, and if you haven’t, you’re in for a ride. Tate is exciting, controversial, captivating and downright infuriating in equal measure. Much of how you view him at any particular time will depend on where you sit on the political spectrum, and on your general views on life, which is why he’s become such a divisively entertaining figure. To bring you up to speed with what he’s been up to, here’s our top 6 reasons Andrew Tate has made the news already in 2023.

His surprising arrest in Romania

There have long been rumors about how Tate makes his money, not least of all because of his penchant for buying expensive supercars (33 at last count). While he’s never shy about talking about more adult topics, there’s been shade cast over how legitimate his webcam business actually is as a result of his recent arrest.

When organized crime officers from the Romania police force took over his compound on a quiet industrial estate, they were said to be doing so after a tipoff. The claim is that up to half a dozen women were being held there against their will and made to produce adult content against their wishes. Keep posted for updates on this one as it’s sure to run and run.

Claims about the Matrix being real

After his arrest, Tate’s Twitter account has posted a number of clear references to a plot being actioned against him. He’s spoken about the Matrix, claimed that some manifestation of it is real, and even caught the eye of new Twitter owner, and fellow master self-promotor, Elon Musk in the process. Does he have a point that this is the mainstream flexing their muscle against him? Or has he really taken his image as the poster boy for toxic masculinity far too far and crossed the boundary from controversy into criminality?

Big TV interview in the UK on Piers Morgan

Just a short week before his arrest, Tate was making headlines for appearing prime time in the UK with Piers Morgan. He not only beat him at chess, but he also talked through some of the more subtle nuances of his statements and views that can be lost in shorter format edits. He made a point about how he has no control over how his content is repackaged and reformatted, so does this mean he might consider toning things down in the near future?

One of the world’s most famous converts

From prototypical atheist to devout Muslim, the guy has been on quite the journey of enlightenment and inner discovery of late. The way in which he articulated the reason for his change during his recent interview with Morgan shows you why he’s one of the world’s most famous men. He’s not just someone saying inflammatory things for the sake of it: no matter what you think of him, you have to admit that there’s some series brainpower working away in the background too.

Arguing with Greta Thunberg online

Who could have missed this spat between two of the most followed people on all of social media. One poked, the other pushed back, and the insults weren’t slow in coming to the fore. It’ll be interesting to see if this is one that pops up again over the years as both could be in the public eye for decades to come.

The most googled person in the world last year

Yes, you read that right. Controversial influencer Tate owns multiple casinos across eastern Europe that give people the chance to play in-person, rather than playing in online casinos, but that’s not all he does. In fact, he’s chiefly known these days for the way he absolutely blew up at warp speed on TikTok, to go with his impressive YouTube following. Before long he became such a mega star with Gen Z that billions of searches were made by people looking to find out more.

Hustlers University is one of the main ways he’s done it: a type of affiliate system where his followers can make money for marketing him. It’s a clever move by someone who clearly knows a thing or two about mastering the art of self-promotion.

Final thoughts

Should his arrest get out of the way, and any fallout from the ensuing criminal investigation is put to bed, it could be an even bigger year for Tate. Only time will tell as we head into what is sure to be a fascinating 2023.