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Amped up for the release of Reality Quest Chapter 77? All things considered, we are hanging around for you! After the nonstop threads from seniors on Dowan and his companions, things are getting increasingly more serious in the plotline, and to this end fans are really eager to be aware, what will happen next in the story.

Assuming you are likewise following this astounding Korean manga series since the information it got released or on the other hand in the event that you have quite recently up to speed and presently pondering when the following chapter will be on a mission to read, you are in the ideal spot to get your responses are all one single spot, today we will tell you when Reality Quest Chapter 77 will be released, it spoilers, and where could you at any point read a similar on the web, on the whole, we should discuss the past.

In the new chapter, where we that at first Min Hye has low regard and she was confronting various things because of that, however when one of her companions proposes she join a club, she went to the Dance Club, where she met Hye Sun for the absolute first time. Around then, she thinks that she is exceptionally kind and cherishing.

The scene changes to right now, where Hye Sun is definitely not a malicious person, who while undermining her says that they ought to begin their dance practice. At the point when they were still in the center of their discussion, a pup came in the middle between them, who came up to see her.

As of now, different understudies examine that that is the VP’s canine, and Hye Sun Sunbare goes off the deep end for that canine. Hye Sun then, at that point, snatches the canine and leaves the room, and says that they will do the dance practice the following day because she chose to play with Ross (pup).

Reality Quest Chapter 77 release date

Reality Quest Chapter 76 Recap!

The following day, when Dowan shows up at the school, he figures out that a similar person who screwed up with his work area yesterday, tosses a lot of kimchi in his storage today, that too with a similar red cross.

Later, seeing the red cross imprint, that’s what dowan feels, this implies the threads won’t stop soon. The day from that point forward, Dowan tracks down a pushpin in his shoe, despite the fact that he didn’t get harmed, it stung a bit.

At the point when Dowan was all the while thinking how much longer these childish tricks will follow him, somebody tosses a milk pack straightforwardly on his head from the highest point of the school building, and that too with a red cross on the pack.

With that, Ji Han says that clearly in everything that is happening with him at this moment, the third years are the guilty parties, so for what reason doesn’t he simply go converse with them?

In his reaction, that’s what dowan says in spite of the fact that it is clear to them that the guilty parties are the seniors, there is no actual proof of them making it happen, and to this end he will not have the ability to question or battle them, yet, Dowan accepts that he needs to bring down his partners in crime first, and he shares with Ji Han to deal with Min Hye, while he will do that.

At the point when Dowan lefts to scrub down, we figure out that the individual who tosses the milk pack at him really was a third-year understudy, who not just then clicks Dowan’s image with all the wet garments, yet in addition saw that he left his telephone on the seat he was previously.

Later in the chapter, we likewise figure out that everybody is compromising Dowan simply because Pi Hui Soo vowed to give the parcels of Sweet Treats, in return for their doing.

We likewise see Pi Hui Soo who is sitting in the class and responding to every one of the messages the understudies were sending him while referencing how they bothered Dowan, Pi Hui Soo says that it is no time like the present Dowan begin responding.

Reality Quest Chapter 77 release date

We see that the person who put pushpins inside Dowan’s shoes got two parcels of Sweet Treats, and with that everybody is making another approaches to harras him, one person says that he ought to cut his back with a crate shaper blade, and yet recollects what Pi Hui Soo cautioned them, that whoever gets captured will never again get treats.

They are not even babies, yet they are battling so difficult to get the confections. A portion of the folks are in any event, shuddering because of not consuming the Sweet Treats.

When Not terrible, but not great either was lying on the ground, everybody imagines that how he got so harmed with only one punch. That’s what dowan says to battle him, ought to appear ok now, and yet, everybody receives a message on their telephone, as per which, any individual who will dab Dowan will get 10 sacks of sweets.

As this was something vital for the understudies, they run towards Dowan to get the award, however Dowan with practically no troublesome thumps begins taking them out. At the point when Dowan contemplating really is Sweet Treats and why it is so significant for them, part of the gang concocted a shaper and attempted to go after him, obviously, he evades it.

One of the understudies believes that Dowan really is serious areas of strength for exceptionally then gets a seat while feeling that in the event that they can not beat him through punches, they ought to use something else, and tosses it to him, however seeing that he effectively stored the weighty seat with one hand, concerned him.

Reality Quest Chapter 77 Spoilers!

There are no spoilers uncovered for the impending Reality Quest Chapter 77, yet it seems like the following chapter will be focused on the battle among Dowan and Pi Hui Soo.

Reality Quest Chapter 77 release date

Reality Quest Chapter 77 Release Date!

The impending Reality Quest Chapter 77 is planned to be released on March 15, 2023.

EST (Eastern Standard Time): 5:50 pm on March 15, 2023

PST (Pacific Standard Time): 2:50 pm on March 15, 2023

CST (Focal Standard Time): 4:50 pm on March 15, 2023

JST (Japan Standard Time): 8:50 am on March 16, 2023

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 10:50 pm on March 15, 2023

IST (India Standard Time): 4:20 am on March 16, 2023

PKST (Pakistan Standard Time): 4:50 am on March 16, 2023

CET (Focal European Time): 6:50 am on March 16, 2023

ACD (Australian Focal Sunlight Time): 4:20 pm on March 16, 2023

Where To Read Reality Quest Chapter 77?

You can read the impending Reality Quest Chapter 77, straightforwardly on WebToon, at the times and dates we have referenced in the past segment.

Reality Quest Chapter 77 release date

At this point, there are not many chapters accessible to read Reality Quest on the web, and that implies you should have to stand by somewhat longer to read the latest one, meanwhile, we prescribe you to look at the ‘review‘ part of our website, to get the genuine experiences of lots of anime, manga, other diversion series.


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