Real Reason Why Btooom Season 2 Isn’t Happening?


David Mudd

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Btooom is an anime adaption of the same name’s Japanese Manga. Covering 50 chapters of the manga, the anime series was produced by Japanese anime studio Madhouse & was aired between October 4 to December 20, 2012, on Tokyo MX for 12 episodes.

The initial release was limited to Japan & later, the anime series was available on Crunchyroll with English Subtitles. And as for its English language release, the producers licensed American multimedia distributor Sentai Filmworks for distribution in North America.

Btooom Anime Storyline

Btooom’s storyline follows around a 22-year-old unemployed youth Ryōta Sakamoto. Even though Ryōta lives an average life with his mother, he’s considered one of the best players in an online battle royale game called Btooom!.

Then one day, his peaceful life is annihilated as he finds himself on an unknown tropic island. On top of that, he has no recollection of he got there. After doing self-inspection, he finds something embedded in his hand. It’s a green crystal used in the battle royale game he plays.

At the very exact moment, Ryōta realizes that someone has brought Btooom video games to real life. Ryōta then pulls himself up & starts to explore the island. In his search, he finds a stranger & asks him for help. Instead of helping, the stranger throws a bomb at Ryōta.

This action hereby confirms his biggest nightmare to be true. So, to survive, he decides to fight off with others to death. Initially, resisting any kind of violence, Ryōta starts killing the opponents for his survival. As the show progresses, Ryōta teams up with another Btooom! player Himiko.

In the Battle Royale game, Himiko is the in-game wife of Ryōta. Together, both of them try their best to survive in a horrific recreation of the game.

Btooom anime season 1 Double Ending

Now, coming to the ending part. As far as the Btooom manga series is concerned, it had 2 endings. One was a happy ending & the other one was a dark ending. It’s up to the viewers to decide.

That’s probably one of the primary reasons why fans are demanding Btooom Season 2 ever since the release of Btooom Season 2 in 2012.

Will there be  Btooom Season 2?

Let’s make this clear today. There will be no Btooom Season 2. Whoever is saying that Btooom Season 2 will release in 2021 or 2022, let’s get your facts straight first. Btooom season 1 that aired sometime in the last quarter of 2012 & the bitter truth is it performed worst in terms of earning.

So, how can you expect the producers to continue with the show? That’s why it’s been 8 years & there are no official announcements from Madhouse Studio.

The funny thing is still some are hoping to see Btooom Season 2. They’re saying Btooom Season 1 was based on the 50 chapters of the manga series. And now, there are 109 chapters from 23 volumes. So, they’re optimistic to see Btooom Season 2 someday.

I don’t know when that day will come. But what do you think about this. Will there be Btooom Season 2?

Frequently Asked Questions | Btooom Season 2

Q: Is Btooom Anime Finished?

A: Btooom Season 1 ended on December 20, 2012, & there’s no chance of getting Btooom season 2.

Q: Is Btooom worth reading?

A: Well, after watching the first season, I would surely recommend you to read Btooom manga. The manga series features 2 different endings, which makes it worth a read.

Q: How many episodes in Btooom?

A: There are 12 episodes in Btooom Season 1.

Final Words

Even though the Btooom anime series follows quite a basic plotline, it offers some mindboggling subplots.

Subplots that’ll make you go wow. Throughout the journey of 12 episodes, Btooom explores beautiful themes of love & friendship. How much childhood trauma can severely impact someone’s mind. Despite the violent nature of the anime series, Btooom does a great job dealing with psychological issues.

That’s all about the Btooom anime series. What do you think about the Btooom anime series? Now that Btooom Season 2 isn’t releasing, will you read its manga series on mangahere?

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