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Season 12 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taglines Ranked!


David Mudd

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 has now started, which means that its time to scrutinise each woman’s tagline. Whose rankings the best?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 has finally started after months of anticipation, and with a new season comes a fresh introductory sequence with taglines ready to be ranked.

In the wake of season 11’s mayhem, stars Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Dorit Kemsley, Garcelle Beauvais, Sutton Stracke, and Crystal Kung Minkoff are returning to the iconic Bravo programme to open up about their personal lives.

Sanela Diana Jenkins has joined the team as RHOBH’s newest housewife, while Sheree Zampino and Kathy Hilton are expected to feature as friends of the women.

There have been countless famous taglines throughout the years that have become legendary for their play-on-words, having a certain charm, or a wonderful delivery.

The crown is heavy, darlings, so just leave it where it belongs, are two of Lisa Vanderpump’s memorable catchphrases, which may be familiar to long-time RHOBH viewers. Opposite remarks have gone down on the other side of history, with season 4’s Joyce Giraud drawing severe criticism for the line, “You can never be too young, too skinny, or too honest.”

real housewives of beverly hills season 12

Every episode of RHOBH season 12 will open with a different woman’s tagline being read aloud. Between fresh one-liners and exquisite gowns, RHOBH has become a symbol of luxury, grandeur, and being unnecessarily theatrical. Now that the season 12 cast taglines have been published, let’s take a look at the worst to best of the season’s taglines.

  • Erika Jayne: “I Have Nothing To Hide, And Nothing To Lose, And That Makes Me Dangerous.”

In reality, Erika isn’t the first or the last Real Housewives of Orange County actress to be mentioned in a lawsuit. Erika spent RHOBH season 11 trying to clear her identity after being implicated in the 2020 Lion Air jet accident together with her soon-to-be ex-husband Tom Girardi.

Between refusing to answer questions, repeatedly altering her narrative, and yelling at everyone who didn’t back her up, Erika didn’t do a very good job persuading Sutton or Bravo viewers of her innocence.

Erika’s slogan for RHOBH season 12 states that she has “has nothing to hide” and “nothing to lose,” but viewers who recall Erika threatening Sutton last season know that this isn’t entirely accurate.

  • Kyle Richards: “When You’re The Real Deal, You Don’t Have To Pretend.”

As the lone survivor of the original cast of RHOBH, Kyle has witnessed some of the show’s most memorable events. Kyle is one of the most known Real Housewives stars, having gone from becoming a viral meme alongside Taylor Armstrong to being mocked on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately for Kyle, her slogan this season is almost as ironic as Erika’s. While Kyle provides the drama and lavish lifestyle required to maintain a presence on RHOBH, co-stars and fans alike have continuously called out the former child actress for being fake and disingenuous, including sister Kim Richards and former BFF LVP. Not only does Kyle’s season 12 tagline not reflect her image on RHOBH, but it doesn’t offer anything new to the table.

  • Crystal Kung Minkoff: “They Say Talk Is Cheap, But In Beverly Hills, It Can Cost You.”

First, it’s vital to notice that Crystal’s use of “In Beverly Hills…” is certainly, at least in part, influenced by Kyle’s earlier taglines. That aside, Crystal has been a divisive housewife since joining the group for RHOBH season 11. It didn’t take Crystal long to make a name for herself on the show when she accused Sutton of having racist inclinations. Since then, Crystal has been ridiculed and lauded for her sharp tongue and aggressive nature. Crystal’s slogan corresponds to her experience on RHOBH more than Erika and Kyle, but it regrettably lacks uniqueness.

  • Dorit Kemsley: “You Can Take All My Things, And You Won’t Have Taken A Thing That Matters.”

Dorit’s harrowing house invasion last October occurred just before production for RHOBH began, and episode 1 delved right into the scary aftermath. There’s no denying that the incident will play a significant role in Dorit’s plot, given how many women (with the exception of Sutton) have come out in favour of her and her husband PK.

Although Dorit had items stolen, her two children, Jagger and Phoenix, were thankfully asleep throughout the entire experience. While the idea behind Dorit’s catchphrase is laudable, it’s much like how the other housewives regard Dorit, a touch long-winded.

  • Diana Jenkins: “The Only Thing Better Than Having It All, Is Having Even More.”

Others in Beverly Hills came from wealthy families; Sanela Diana Jenkins is one of the few who has worked her way up from the streets. Born in communist Yugoslavia, Diana abandoned her Sarajevo, Bosnia home for Croatia in the early 1990s to escape the Bosnian War. Diana has fought her way up from her beginnings as a refugee to become a successful businesswoman and philanthropist with a net worth in the millions. As far as inaugural taglines go, Diana easily fits in the centre of the pack: it has a definite Beverly Hills essence with a tale behind it, yet it doesn’t tell much about her.

real housewives of beverly hills season 12

  • Lisa Rinna: “Hi, I’m Karma. And Yes, I Am A B****.”

Lisa has been renowned on RHOBH for her colourful demeanour, unapologetic messiness, and continuously referencing her husband, Harry Hamlin. While Lisa has provided some amusing lines and emotional moments, especially involving her family, the actress has continuously rubbed her castmates the wrong way since her debut appearance in season 5.

Lisa isn’t hesitant to speak her thoughts, as seen by her accusations against Yolanda Hadid for having Munchausen syndrome, Dorit for drug usage at a party, and Kim Richards for her sobriety. In a few simple words, Lisa’s slogan captures the attention of viewers with its simplicity and directness.

  • Garcelle Beauvais: “I Don’t Need The Spotlight, I Shine Just Fine.”

Although she is renowned as an actress and former model, Garcelle’s reputation has soared considerably when she first appeared on RHOBH season 10.

As the show’s first Black housewife, Garcelle’s assertiveness helps set her apart from her co-stars, and audiences have liked witnessing Garcelle and Sutton’s strong bond. During season 11, Garcelle was the only housewife who continually backed Sutton against Erika’s nasty attitude. Garcelle’s catchphrase matches the actress brilliantly, since she has earned scores of followers despite not having the most dramatic narrative.

  • Sutton Stracke: “If You Want A Seat At My Table, You Best Mind Your Manners.”

Sutton may be a Georgia lass, but she’s left her stamp on RHOBH without a doubt. As someone who shows off her lavish fortune with compassion, Sutton is recognised for having the ideal combination of delusion and wit viewers seek in a housewife.

Between melting down over a joke to questioning Erika’s inconsistent stories in season 11, the first episode of RHOBH season 12 featured Sutton immediately making her mark on the season by reacting to Dorit’s robbery ordeal with her own “putting out fires” story to Kyle. Sutton’s tagline is a call back to a dig she made at Lisa. Tensions between the two had been building for some time, but Sutton said she got Lisa and Harry tickets to an Elton John gala. Season 12 premiered with a bang, and it’s safe to say that Sutton and the rest of the girls aren’t playing around.

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