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Re Zero Season 2: 5 Possibilities About This Season Explained


David Mudd

Re Zero is an anime. It has received great acclaim from the critics as well. The show is an amazing and darker take on another story.

So now that we have another Re Zero season popping up, what can happen? Is there something that we should be excited about? Or is there something that we can look forward to? Here are insights into everything about the show.

The story has previously revolved around Subaru falling in love. He falls for a half-elf, Emilia. Now that’s where all the problems began.

Re Zero

Now that things are a little sorted, we need to see how things go on that end.

Roswaal Will Reveal His True Allegiance (Re Zero)

Roswaal has come forward as a protector for Emilia. But he has seldom made an effort to show it. So, there might be something going on with him.

That being said, it can be evident that he might not be a protector after all. So, it can be certain that he has some other benefits of this.

It can be certain that in this season, there is something more about him that we don’t know. And there are chances he might reveal them in this season.

The Witch-Cult Will Be A Major Threat

This once comes in quite obvious. So, they might come up as a great antagonist for this season. Now, the witch-cult can cause a lot of trouble in this season.

They can be one of the most trouble-causing agents in this season. So, there isn’t much that we can predict it. Because the problems will surely be different.

But there is sure that they will rule that show with their plans.

Re Zero

We Understand Why Subaru Was A Hikikomori

Subaru had taken him from the world previously. So, there is a problem that isn’t discussed before. However, there are chances that there will be more about it.

So there will be so much information that can be coming through. This must be known. It can be very crucial in the coming times.

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Stella’s Interest In Emilia Will Be Evident

Satella has been interested in Subaru. Every time that he dies, he comes in a part of life where Emilia is in trouble.

That might say something now, right? So there might be more reveals about it. We can get information about that. And it can turn over the story.

We, Will, Learn More About The Witches Of Sins (Re Zero)

We can also learn more about the witches of sins. They can be the major antagonist all the while. So, it can be pretty interesting to see. You don’t have to worry about that.

Re Zero

You’ll get all the information now that the season is coming though.