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Ray Donovan Season 8- Renewed Or Cancelled?


David Mudd

Ray Donovan is one of the best and highly demanded series. It is an American crime drama television series. Don’t you like such series? I’m sure you like crime related series as these help us to be aware about the recent crimes and misdeeds happening in our locality.


The 1st Season of Ray Donovan aired on 30th June, 2013 with 12 episodes. Ray Donovan is set in Los Angeles, California. After the premiere of the 7th Season of Ray Donovan, all of us are excited to hear something fascinating about Ray Donovan Season 8.

Before proceeding further, let me ask you something- Have you enjoyed the previous seasons of this mind blowing series? If you haven’t seen then it’s ok …….No need to worry here is everything about this series that will make you familiar with the popularity of Ray Donovan.

The article consists all the important information about Ray Donovan Season 8 like the storyline, the casting Characters, the release date, the trailer, the IMDb Rating and more………………

Ray Donovan Season 8

Ray Donovan Season 8 is an interesting as well as demanding television series which is related to crime drama. Ann Biderman is the creator of this series. He created this series for Showtime.

The Storyline of Ray Donovan Season 8

In Ray Donovan Season 8, Ray presented himself as a quick witted and reliable person. He tries to control whatever he tells and to whom he says. So many people say this as an illegal action. This is just because they don’t want to deal with the police department.

So, Ray cleans all the proofs and starts blackmailing the witnesses. He already helped so many families but now he has to cope in his own drama series. In the ancient time, he framed his father and put him in to the prison. For this, he doesn’t feel regret.

Once again Ray wants to put him before his father destroys everything. That old man was not so simple. All his relatives want to get away from this situation.


The Casting Characters of Ray Donovan Season 8

It is well known by all the fans that the role of characters plays a significant role in the development of any series. To make the 8th Season demanding among the fans, the leading characters are:

  • Liev Schreiber as Raymond “Ray” Donovan
  • Paula Malcomson as Abigail “Abby” Donovan, Ray’s wife
  • Eddie Marsan as Terrence “Terry” Donovan, Ray’s older brother
  • Dash Mihok as Brendan “Bunchy” Donovan, Ray’s younger brother
  • Pooch Hall as Daryll Donovan, Ray’s younger biracial half-brother
  • Steven Bauer as Avi Rudin, Ray’s right-hand man
  • Katherine Moennig as Lena Burnham, Ray’s investigative assistant
  • Kerris Dorsey as Bridget Donovan, Ray’s daughter
  • Devon Bagby as Conor Donovan, Ray’s son
  • Jon Voight as Michael “Mickey” Donovan, Ray’s father
  • Susan Sarandon as Samantha “Sam” Winslow, Ray’s new boss
  • Graham Rogers as Jacob “Smitty” Smith, Bridget’s boyfriend

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The Release Date of Ray Donovan Season 8

Showtime cancelled the series (Ray Donovan) after the 7th Season on 4th February, 2020. Although, the network gave an announcement about a feature length film just to conclude the plotline that air in 2022. The network announced this on 24th February, 2021.

Therefore, it might be disappointing for the fans like me that our favourite series Ray Donovan will not renew for the 8th Season.

The Reason behind the Cancellation of the 8th Season of Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan was cancelled without any official warning. The cancellation gives an immense shock to the fans and the showrunner, David Hollander. It was expected that the 8th Season will be the last season but the expectations come untrue.


After a week, Live gave a statement that there are some chances for Ray Donovan to come back just because of the fans’ support and demand. The series cancelled due to some political reasons. But as per the announcement of the network, if the show will renew then it might come in November, 2021.

So, all the fans should feel more enthusiastic to know the renewal of the series…………..

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The Trailer of Ray Donovan Season 8

The official trailer of the 8th Season of Ray Donovan is not out yet. But if you haven’t enjoyed the 7th Season then here is the official trailer of Ray Donovan Season 7.

IMDb Rating of Ray Donovan

The IMDb Rating of Ray Donovan is 8.3 out of 10 with 77,829 votes. This shows the demand of the series among the fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be the 8th Season of Ray Donovan?

Initially, it was expected that the series will not renew for the 8th Installment. But the showrunner signify that they are working for the 8th Season to satisfy the demand of the users.

Name the last episode of Ray Donovan.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

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Final Words

Ray Donovan Season 8 is an interesting series but here the confusion is for the 8th Season that whether it will get renewal or not. At present it is not confirmed……………………