Ranbir Kapoor’s Trainer Admits It Was Long Process For Actor to Gain 10-12 Kgs Over 1 Year For Animal: ‘One of Those Like Aamir…’


Riya Arya

Actors often need to change their bodies a lot to match the roles they play. Ranbir Kapoor’s recent change for the upcoming movie Animal shows how dedicated he is. His trainer explained the tough and careful steps Kapoor took to gain 10-12 kilograms in a year.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Year-Long Transformation: Trainer Details the Rigorous Path to Gaining 10-12 Kilograms

Ranbir Kapoor’s trainer shared that the process of gaining weight was not easy at all, highlighting that it needed steady effort, self-control, and a carefully organized plan. “It took about a year for Ranbir to gain 10-12 kilograms,” the trainer explained. “This transformation is more than just lifting weights; it involves the right diet, customized workouts, and strong mental determination.”

The dedication that Kapoor displayed is very much like the efforts that Aamir Khan is famous for. Aamir Khan, who was one of the first to undergo major body transformations for his roles in films like Dangal and Ghajini, has set a very high standard in the industry.

Kapoor’s trainer mentioned, “Ranbir is one of those actors like Aamir who fully commits to his roles. He understands that to portray a character in a genuine way, changing his physical appearance is just as important as preparing emotionally and mentally.”

Ranbir Kapoor’s Trainer Admits It Was Long Process For Actor to Gain 10-12 Kgs Over 1 Year For Animal

How Did Kapoor Achieve His Impressive Transformation Through a Rigorous Fitness Routine and Diet?

Kapoor’s fitness routine was a mix of different types of exercise. The trainer explained that it included lifting weights, exercises to build strength, and focusing on specific muscles to achieve the desired size. “We had to make sure that the weight he gained was muscle and not fat,” the trainer said. “This meant we had to watch his diet very carefully and make sure he was eating the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.” Also read Crafting Effortless Homemade Weight Loss Beverages ,  and Does a Banana Promote Weight Gain or Weight Loss?

How Did Ranbir Kapoor’s Diet and Rest Contribute to His Remarkable Transformation?

Diet was a key factor in Kapoor’s transformation. He followed a carefully planned diet chart that was high in protein and calories to help him gain muscle. Along with this, making sure he got enough rest and recovery was also very important. The trainer pointed out, “The body needs time to heal and build muscle, so taking breaks to recover and getting enough sleep were just as important as the workouts.”

Ranbir Kapoor’s Trainer Admits It Was Long Process For Actor to Gain 10-12 Kgs Over 1 Year For Animal

How Did Kapoor’s Transformation Enhance His Role in Animal and Solidify His Status in Bollywood?

The end result is a testament to Kapoor’s hard work and his trainer’s expertise. Kapoor’s transformation is expected to add a layer of authenticity to his character in Animal, further cementing his reputation as one of Bollywood’s most dedicated and versatile actors. The film, already generating buzz for its intense storyline and stellar cast, now has another talking point with Kapoor’s impressive physical transformation. Also read Has Kelly Clarkson Recently Disclosed Her Weight Loss Journey?What Brought Public Attention to Heather Gays Weight Loss Journey? , and Is there a Specific Time Window That the Study

Overall, Ranbir Kapoor’s effort to gain 10-12 kilograms for his role in Animal demonstrates the intense dedication and hard work needed to prepare for a role in Bollywood. This effort highlights how committed Kapoor is to his acting and sets a new standard for physical changes in the film industry.

As people look forward to the release of Animal, Kapoor’s physical transformation will surely be a major highlight, similar to the careful work of actors like Aamir Khan, who have established high standards for realism in their roles.

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