Raising Voices (Ni una más) Season 2: Will There Be Another Season?



The eagerly awaited first season of “Raising Voices (Ni una más)” officially premiered on May 31, 2024.  This highly acclaimed dramedy is written by Miguel Sáez and CarralIsa Sánchez. Premiere on Netflix, the popular Spanish drama series gained a loyal fan following soon after its release.

Many fans were looking forward to watching the upcoming season of the show. As the finale episode of the show concludes, the question regarding the continuation of the story hits on the minds of the viewers.

As teenage drama series are already widely loved by the fans, it was obvious for fans to look after the show. Viewers are wondering about the future of Alma and fellow friends Greta and Nata. The well-crafted cliffhangers have kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Continue reading the article so that you don’t miss anything.

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Spanish Ni una más
Written by
  • Miguel Sáez Carral
  • Isa Sánchez
Directed by
  • Eduard Cortés
  • David Ulloa
  • Marta Font
  • Nicole Wallace
  • Clara Galle
  • Aïcha Villaverde
Country of origin Spain
Original language Spanish
Executive producers
  • José Manuel Lorenzo
  • Miguel Sáez Carral
Production Company DLO Producciones
Network Netflix
Release 31 May 2024

Raising Voices (Ni una más) Season 2 Release Date:

Based on the novel Ni Una Más by Miguel Sáez Carral, which already became the best selling for the author, the new Netflix series explores the dynamic of Alma’s life. With complex characters and an interesting plot line, the show features an engaging story that allows the viewers to remain in their seats. The drama, Raising Voices, explores the strength and resiliency of a girl making her voice heard — no matter the consequences.

As the first season is officially concluded, the viewers are waiting to find the updates for season 2. Fans are eagerly waiting to know the official’s take on the series. Since the first season was released recently, it is super soon for us to wonder about the next season of the show. The release date for the series will be updated once everything gets out officially. Till then, bookmark this page so that you don’t miss anything.

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Raising Voices (Ni una más) Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

The captivated cast of season 1 will continue to be a part of the series. If there comes a season 2, you guys can expect all the major characters to be back. Take a look at the list of the cast.

  • Nicole Wallace as Alma
  • Clara Galle as Greta
  • Aïcha Villaverde as Nata
  • Teresa de Mera as Berta
  • José Pastor as David
  • Gabriel Guevara as Alberto
  • Eloy Azorín
  • Ruth Díaz
  • Iván Massagué

Raising Voices (Ni una más) Season 2 Plot Updates: What to Expect with it?

The official synopsis of the show reads, “At 17, Alma is going through a tough time; one day, she shocks her high school with a banner reporting a sexual predator within its walls. While her parents frantically search for her, Alma’s night out morphs into a blur of disappointment; an unexpected person catches Alma off guard. As Alma grapples with disturbing flashbacks, Greta meets a captivating new acquaintance.

Nata delves into her darker side. Cryptic online messages torment Alma with memories she’d prefer to forget; a heartfelt conversation brings two friends closer. As Alma and her mother make plans to celebrate International Women’s Day, Nata’s bond with Alberto is shaken; Greta’s actions put her family at risk.

At the hospital, Alma encounters a familiar face, who reveals something terrible; Nata stands her ground as Greta comes clean to David. Alma and Berta devise a plan to expose the school’s dark underside; Nata gains a fresh perspective, using it to her advantage. Authorities begin an investigation into the abuse allegations.”

Raising Voices (Ni una más) Season 2 Official Trailer

Are you wondering about the official trailer? It is obvious for the readers to look for the next season of the series, but the official trailer for season 2 is not yet out.

Till then you guys can stream the other season of the series and watch the trailer of the show.

Where to watch the show?

Want to explore the series? Stream “Raising Voices (Ni una más)” on Netflix and find everything about the show here. Viewers are looking for season 2 and if there are any details, we will make sure to let you know.

What are the Online Ratings of the show?

The online ratings of the series are officially released. If you have not streamed the first season, the ratings will guide you.

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Final Verdict

Despite the popularity of season 1, the second season of Raising Voices (Ni una más) is not yet confirmed. The second season has not been announced officially till now.

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