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Has Raising Dion Season 3 Been Canceled?

Raising Dion returned in February after a two-year absence, to the pleasure of many superhero fans. And, given that everyone has been raving about season 2’s addicting and intriguing second chapter, not to mention its cliffhanging end credit scene, it’s not unexpected that many fans are looking forward to its third season renewal.

However, if you were looking for a repeat of the show so soon after its release, you’ll be disappointed because Raising Dion season 3 will not be available on Netflix until April 2022.

Not that we expected it to, but we wanted to double-check Netflix‘s April release schedule.

However, with the regeneration on our minds, we began to question. Would our favorite tiny superhero ever make a comeback? Will Raising Dion get renewed for a third season, and when can we expect the show to return to Netflix?raising dion season 3

So we conducted some research. Get the most up-to-date information about the Netflix original superhero series!


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Is there a third season of Raising Dion planned?

Season 2 left the door open for the third season, and we believe the superhero series would be renewed, especially since it spent multiple weeks on Netflix’s Top 10 list, but as of early April, the series has yet to be renewed by the streaming service.

Netflix usually decides on the future of its series and releases the news six to nine weeks after the most recent episode’s debut on the platform, so we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out.

The end credit scene in the final episode of Raising Dion season 2, in particular, offers us hope that Dion will return, perhaps as a bit more mature and grown-up superhero, but for now, we’ll have to wait and see what Netflix decides.

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Is there a release date for Raising Dion season 3?

Raising Dion has ended. The hit Netflix show based on Dennis Liu’s comic series of the same name has been cancelled.

Following the Netflix announcement, the cast members took to social media to express their feelings.

Esperanza’s actress Sammie Haney was among the first to express her feelings on Instagram “Raising Dion has been CANCELLED. Thank you to all of our fantastic fans for your amazing support! Season two was as successful as Season one, judging by the number of people who watched it all and demanded a third!”

Ja’Siah Young, who played the main hero Dion, added: “It’s not us, me, or you. You guys were fantastic, I enjoyed every moment. Thanks.”

The charming comedy follows Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright) and her son Dion (Young) as they battled the villainous The Crooked Man. So what happened?

Raising Dion, like Wainwright, championed diversity on several levels. It provided disabled people a voice through Esperanza, a brave character who defied her limits. She wasn’t meant to be flawed or pitied, but confident, something lacking in mainstream television.

That a single Black working mother was not a figure of shame or someone who needed to be explained to society was also refreshing. Nicole Warren was brave, capable, and not in need of saving.

No one will ever know who the Crooked Man is, or how Pat’s return to the evil side will result in the powerful adversary seen in the post-credits sequence. #Sob.

But it shows a vibrant Dion in the future. Even if the Dion-verse doesn’t unfold, we can rest easy knowing he’s still cleaning up the neighborhood one villain at a time.

Why Raising Dion ended
Netflix hasn’t revealed why it cancelled Raising Dion, although money issues may be to blame.

Netflix’s stock price plummeted after losing 200,000 customers, causing investors to pull out $1.1 billion. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the streaming service will lose two million more users, which is bad news for the franchise and its binge-worthy content.

If this is the case, we may see more painful cancellations as Netflix continues to tighten its purse strings.

The decision to decrease the shelf life of Raising Dion was unquestionably a mistake.raisingraising dion season 3

Wainwright put it best on Instagram.

Not only will she not be able to work with her fantastic cast and crew again, but she feels Raising Dion achieved so much for small Black and Brown children as well as children with disabilities.

“I wish we could give them more Dion stories. My heart aches for them.”

Her remark perfectly encapsulates why a program like Raising Dion should have been spared the Netflix axe.

The superhero world lacks diversity representation, let alone a show where the lead superhero is Black AND a child.

While representation of marginalised groups is improving (Black Panther, Shang-Chi and the 10 Rings, Ms Marvel, etc. ), now is not the time to reduce it.


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We can’t just throw in a few token ethnicities, slap ourselves on the back, and say “work well done.”

While the chance of gaining mind-moving skills is limited, the chance to regard yourself as powerful and courageous should not be.

Raising Dion not only speaks to young Black children, but it also explores Black struggles in a lovely way. It did so without minimizing reality, letting youngsters of all races understand racial prejudices in their environment. Few shows succeed in this regard.

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