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Raised By Wolves Season 2


David Mudd

Did you ever wish to start over? Did you ever wonder if those bad things did not happen, there might have been a true chance? At our desperate times, that’s all we seek : a chance to start fresh. Campion Sturgis sought that too. This led him to do a massive experiment which is the story line of this series. Raised By Wolves Season 2 will be a must watch!

Ridley Scott explores the science fiction genre like never before and takes us to a trip unthinkable. This awesome exploration is Raised By Wolves. Season 1 of this inexplicable yet seamlessly woven science fiction mythical drama has left us spellbound. Filming of season 2 started as well.

Aaron Guzikowoski is the director of the series and the first two episodes have been directed by Ridley Scott, who also serves as the executive producer of the show. Welcome to Kepler 22 B. Get ready to forget the ways of the world as you know. 

Raised by Wolves: Plot of Raised By Wolves Season 2


The series starts with the near destruction of the earth. A completely unnecessary crusade between Religious fanatics and Atheists leaves the earth devastated. At this point, two androids are sent with human embryos to planet Kepler 22 where they could create a new world. But it is so much more difficult and complex.

The inception of Raised By Wolves Season 2

Two androids are sent to Kepler 22 with human embryos. These two androids are introduced to us as Mother and Father. They were entrusted with the task to re-create life on a different planet. It seems this was the plan of Campion Sturgis, an Atheist. 

After 12 years, only one child seems to make it. This child is named Campion. Mother, who is an android, sheds teardrops when the baby is born; just like a real mother would. The father maintains an emotionless countenance which disheartens the mother.

It was just the beginning. 

The Mithraic 

The Mithraic is an extremist group of religious fanatics who are worshippers of a God called Sol. They believe that letting human children be raised by androids is an absolute sin. 

It is later discovered that a group of Mithraics came to the same planet and they are not looking for peace. The mother’s colony seems to face a new threat. Mother shows her true power and takes away the earthborn Mithraic children and starts to take care of them. 

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The conflict 

The first location of conflict is way too close for comfort. Campion, who knows pretty much everything about her adoptive parents being androids., suspects that her mother might be poisoning the new children and starts to act out. Both mother and father try to prove their good intentions. It does not get any easier. 

The second location of the conflict is the most crucial one. It is a conflict between the two parent-bots – the mother and the father. They both seem to be not in sync anymore. The growing complications forced on them by human children make things more difficult than they can handle. The Android couple seem to be feeling things as well. 

And there are the Mithraics trying to take the children and kill the androids.

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Marcus’s story

the main lead from Raised By Wolves Season 2
Featuring the protagonist from Raised By Wolves Season 2

Kaleb, an atheist soldier and his wife Marie murder Mithraic leaders Marcus and his wife Sue. Afterwards, they steal their identities and reach Kepler 22B in their place. After reaching the planet Kaleb indeed becomes Marcus. They even pretend to be real parents to Paul, who is Kaleb and Marie’s son.

Marcus becomes the leader of the Mithraics

Marcus starts to hear voices. The voices instruct and guide him. He believes that this is voice of Sol. His behaviour changes and so does his dynamics between his wife and adopted son. 

Mother’s Fury 

a glimpse from Raised By Wolves Season 2
Showcasing a still from the drama, Raised By Wolves Season 2

The mother android unleashes her true form of a Necromancer destroys and kills, as if she were a human mother. We see what she is capable of. We learn what she wants – she wants all her children to be safe. 

Could it be that the mother is becoming a mother? 

The riddles of Season 2 

The series is a bit complex and will demand every bit of your attention. There are a lot of riddles that we are trying to solve. Why does the mother give birth to a snake? Who are the devolved humans and what is their story? Who is Sol? Why does Paul hear the voices? Was the mother hacked? 

How will she protect the children? Will they let her? 

In season 2 hopefully we will find the answers.

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The cast of Raised By Wolves Season 2

a glimpse at the cast of Raised By Wolves Season 2
The amazing cast of Raised By Wolves will be back on screen!

The brilliant can’t of the show include the following actors and actresses.

Amanda Collins as the. Mother 

Abubakar Salim as the father 

Winta McGrath as Campion

 Niamh Algar as Sue/Mary 

 Travis Fimmel as Marcus/Caleb

Jordan Loughran as Tempest 

Felix Jamieson as Paul

Ethan Hazzard as Hunter

Aasiya Shah as Holly 

Ivy Wong as Vita

Matias Varela as Lucius

Raised By Wolves Season 2 Available on

The series can be watched on HBO max.


Raised by Wolves is one of the groundbreaking series brought to you by HBO. The storyline explores a lot of things together. From science fiction to religion to violence to myths to biblical metaphors – the series covers a huge range. It is profoundly thought-provoking and that is why season 2 of the show has already been confirmed. 

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