Radmila Lolly Husband: Is She Secretly Married To John Utendhal?


Riya Arya

EXCLUSIVE Radmila Lolly is secretly married to John Utendahi, a well-known American businessman. Is it true or just a rumor? Many sources suggested the two tied knot, however, they haven’t made it official yet. What’s the cause behind it? Let’s find out Radmila Lolly Husband.

Radmila Lolly Biography

Radmila Lolly is a Russian-American singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. She is best known for her songs “U R Moving Me” and “Tonight” that were charted on Billboard Dance Club Songs list at positions 21 and 40 respectively. She has created designs for celebrities like Nicole Ari Parker, Natti Natasha, Carla Morrison, Gayle King, Bebe Rexha and Mýa. She has also made appearance on the cover of the virtual edition of the magazines Elle India, Glamour Bulgaria and L’Officiel Baltic.

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Lolly was born in Moscow, Russia on May 10, 1986. She is best in United States. She has found interest in music at a very early age, especially in opera, released the singles “Black Star”, “Hope”, “Masquerade” and “When I’m With You” in the year 2015.

Radmila Lolly Husband

There have been rumors which claimed that Radhmila Lolly might be married to John Utendahi, a well-known American businessman. However, there is no official announcement or evidence released by them. It might be possible that the two are trying to hide their marriage in order to keep it away from public eye. The couple were spotted together at several events.

Radmila Lolly Husband

Who Is John Utendahl?

John Utendahl is a successful investor, the owner of the Utendahl Group, having a position of Vice-Chairman at Deutsche Bank Americas. He has come from an African American background and Dutch heritage.

Talking about his education background, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus and then attended Columbia University and earned his MBA degree. Utendahl sold his firm to Williams Capital Group in 2010 and now holds a minority stake in Utendahi Capital Management, a small fixed-income asset management firm.

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On March 25, 2010, Utendahl has joined Deutsche Bank Americas as Vice Chairman. After five years with Deutsche Bank, Utendahl transitioned to Bank of America for the position of Executive Vice Chairman in 2016.
In 2022, John Utendahl became the Global Chairman at Bank of America.

Utendahl was previously married to Phyliss Hollis and has two daughters from his previous marriage.

Currently, he is making headlines since his name has been romantically involved with musician and fashion designer, Radmila Lolly. Their marriage status is still unclear but they were caught many times. What do you think about them? Do you like the rumored couple?

How Much Money Does John Utendhal Make?

According to Vizaca, John Utendahl’s net worth is estimated to be $500 million. His successful business career is a responsible factor for such huge and decent net worth.

Radmila Lolly Husband

Is Radmila Lolly Married For Real?

According to many online sources, it is rumored to be claimed that Lolly is a married woman now. However, she hasn’t made it official yet. The musician has neither denied nor confirmed the claims. Many sources suggest that she is married to John Utendahi, a businessman. It is still unclear when the two tied knot?

Until Radmila or John publicly confirm their marriage, it is important to keep their privacy in mind and at the same time to consider these rumors as unverified/uncofirmed updates. If the strong source presents the prove of their marriage, we will definitely update it for you. Stay tuned.

Radmila Lolly Dating History

The dating history of Radmila Lolly is unavailable . However, for now, she is gaining attention with his marriage rumors that has been taken place for some time now. She is rumored to be married but her marital status will remain unclear till she herself makes it confirm.

We have no idea how long will it take for her to make it official if she is married. However, if these rumors turn out to be fake, then we are looking forward to her release any statement.

Why Is Radmila Lolly Keeping Her Marriage Private?

As we have informed you that Radhima Lolly is rumored to be married to John Utendhal. However, none of them have made any official confirmation regarding their marriage. The cause of their action still remains unknown. Many speculations can be predicted for such action, maybe the couple is trying to hide their relationship to not receive any public attention. Only they can reveal the truth. All we can do is wait.

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However, one more speculation can be assumed, what if they aren’t married and these are just rumors? If it turnes out to be rumors, this will definitely come as shock but the two neither confirmed nor denied the ongoing rumors. We should wait for the official announcement, whatever comes out, we will update it.


Radmila Lolly is a Russian-American singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. There have been rumors which claimed that Radhmila Lolly might be married to John Utendahi, a well-known American businessman. However, none of them have made it official yet. We will update whatever is truth.

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