R Kelly’s Net Worth: How Much the American Singer Earn in 2022?



R Kelly or Robert Sylvester Kelly was born on January 8, 1967. He is an American singer, songwriter, and producer who has defined the world of Hip-hop and R&B.  He is known to create a revolution in the music industry that’s why he has earned titles like “king of R & B”, “king of Pop-soul”. 

However, all these things went downhill when the celebrity was abused by multiple women in court. R Kelly has already been accused of multiple cases in the court which makes his net worth a center of attraction. So have you wondered how much R Kelly is worth? In this article, we’ll be going to share everything about R Kelly. Continue reading this article till the end and find out everything. 

Early Life

R Kelly's Net Worth

Born on January 8, 1967, at Chicago Lying-in Hospital South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Kelly has three siblings an older brother and sister and a younger brother. His father’s identity is still unknown and he never discussed them with him. His mother, Joanne Kelly was a teacher at the school. When Kelly was only 5 years old, his mother decided to marry Lucious who used to work in an airline. At the age of 5, he started to work for a church where he used to sing songs. 

His talent for singing was there from a very young age and the people at the church used to praise his voice every time they visited. In 1980, Kelly went to Kenwood Academy in Chicago’s Hyde Park. in the school, he met the music teacher Lena McLin, who helped him in his singing career.

In the school. Kelly also started an interest in basketball but Lena McLin asked him to leave the team and pay more attention to his music. Later, Kelly was diagnosed with Dyslexia which took away all his ability to write and read and he was not able to write his song. He instantly left his high school to get medical help and recover. 

Later, he started performing in the subways under the Chicago L track where the people used to love him. His music was something new for those people and they used to get inspired by it. All these things made him confident and he later began working towards his goal. He learned a lot of things and grew through them. 

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In November 1993, R. Kelly introduced his first music track. His first debut song was “12 Play” in which he debuted solo. The song gets recognition but when Kelly came out with “Bump n’ Grind,” the album got a smash hit leading certified six times platinum in the name of Kelly. 

Now, Kelly was already a popular figure in the music industry and since he already had an interest and passion for writing he started to work for the production houses. He started working as the producer of other singers which eventually made him popular. 

One of his prominent works was when he debuted an entire album by teenage pop singer Aaliyah. The album became famous and that’s when many people realized its power of Kelly. Soon, he started working for multiple celebrities and singers. 

When Kelly came out with his album “R. Kelly ” in 1994, it sold out with over four million copies. It is one of the huge achievements for the singer and he was already growing at that time. His’s single music, “I Believe I Can Fly” also topped the Billboard chart. He received three Grammy awards for his music that year and everyone was already obsessing over his music. 

But things didn’t stop here and in the 2000s. Kelly released a Multi-platinum album that has a different genre of songs and people loved it. 

So far, R Kelly has already released 14 studio albums, five compilation albums, and three collaboration albums. All these music works were enough for him to achieve greater heights in the music world. Kelly has already won three Grammys, many AMAs, a BET award, and many Billboard awards.

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Net Worth

R Kelly's Net Worth

After a lot of sexual abuse from their fellow workers and colleagues, R. Kelly’s Net worth has been influenced a lot. If he hasn’t been accused of the things or not gone through any legal problems, He has reportedly given 10 million dollars to the unknown woman who has accused him of being sexually abused, The case was settled after Kelly gave 10 Million dollars to her. 

However, the large sum of his money was gone after he divorced Andrea Lee, the amount of money was never confirmed but according to many reports he had gone through a heavy financial crisis at that time. 

In 2022, Kelly has reported having 10 million dollars. His net worth has been even higher if all the lawsuits have not gone against him. He might play around 50 to 100 million dollars.

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Favorite Dialogues

“In life, you have people that love to party. That’s me. People that love God. That’s me. People that love sex. That’s me. People that love people. That’s me. And people that make mistakes. That’s me also.”

“I learned a whole lot from my mother. About music, relationships, being a good person, loving people, the whole of life. I learned about everything from her. Every single day I think about her. All through the day.”

“I’ve been writing a lot of country songs. I used to get criticized for doing a ‘Bump Grind,’ then turning around and doing a gospel song. But the truth is I’m glad I have a gift that allows me to switch lanes.”

“If there’s no fire, there’s no scream. If there’s no scream, then no one hears you and no one comes to help you in the first place. The depth of my struggle has determined the height of my success. To be able to teach my kids not just about success but about the struggle that comes with it.”

“When you’re me when you’re R. Kelly, everybody wants a piece of you, and if you don’t give ’em a piece they’ll find a way to get a piece of you one way or the other.”

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