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Quibi: The (Mostly) Mobile-Only Streaming Service, Doesn’t Appear To Have Spectacular Response?

The third autosuggestion from Google for the word “will Quibi” is “Will Quibi fail” and the fourth one is “Will Quibi be successful”. There is already overloading of streaming platforms that occurred on the Internet. Streaming platforms are the places now the user has to pay a minimum of $5 per month to watch the exclusive content of the same thing they watched free from some other platforms like YouTube, etc.

Beyond all the facts, the Quibi got released in the middle of the crisis. The pandemic coronavirus is spreading all over the world right now. People are sitting inside their houses and looking forward to something that entertains them. Even though, many of the people from the entertainment and business field say it was not a good idea to launch a business idea like this now. The comedy writer Cullen Crawford tweeted that ” Quibi is short for the quixotic business idea”.


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Is Quibi A Failure?

The founder of Quibi, Jeffrey Katzenberg know his way around a sales pitch. He is DreamWorks co-founder and a former Disney executive. He thinks that Quibi can also work in the competitive world of streaming platforms. It is because people are always excited and ready to pay money to see the better version of a thing they get free.

The pre-launch of Quibi was successful. However, if enough people are not signing up for the new platform for the next few years. Then we have to say it is a failure. Besides, now there is not much excitement visible in the people. After all, you have to wait to know if it is a failure or not.

Quibi: The (Mostly) Mobile-Only Streaming Service, Doesn't Appear To Have Spectacular Response?

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