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Quibi Starting To Support Smartphone To Watch Videos In TVs

Quibi announced and released as a mobile-only streaming platform. People are sitting inside and trying to watch the videos on their big TVs. But it is not possible if you have Quib as your only streaming app until the end of this week. At last, Quibi decided to support casting to TVs from smartphones. In that, this support feature will be added to iPhone this week and android next week.

However, experts say that it was not the best time for a mobile platform like Qubi needed to be released. After all, it was big news in mobile-only streaming. The team is now slowing down its release schedule now. So, more big-budget shows will be seen next year.

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Quibi will support TV casting, founder blames COVID-19 for rough ...

The Competitive World Of Streaming Platforms

Quibi released into a world of different and well-established streaming platforms. What made it different was that it supported only in mobile-devices. The competitors included well-established Netflix along with Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, etc. However, the streaming platform made something better that it draw more than 2 billion viewers every month.

All the episodes in Quibi are with 10 or less minute duration and can only be watched with a phone or mobile device. This is what made it different from others. Six weeks after the launch, 3.5 million downloads happened and have 1.3 million active users. Quibi offers a two weeks trial. After that, it is $5 per month with ads and $8 a month without ads.

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