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Quibi: Quibi Releases Full Episodes Of It’s Original TV Shows On YouTube


David Mudd

Quibi Released FULL Episodes Of Its Original TV Shows On YouTube

About Quibi

For all those who are practically clueless, Quibi is a mobile video sharing platform.

It only always proclaims short TV shows which last for not more than 10 minutes in totality.

It apparently launched this year on the 6th of April. During the lockdown. SUAVE.

Their launch was so talked about, I almost thought they’d break the lockdown guidelines and start running on the street.

What To Expect

Anyway, so Quibi has 3 original movies, compact, so to say, and it has released 3 episodes each of those 3 movies.

Quibi has posted those on YouTube as a subtle advertisement so in case you like the content, you could go download it from your play store/ app store!


It has very smoothly posted mini trailers, subconsciously urging people to sign up for the 90-day free trial, prior to which they’d have to pay. Sly.

So let me brief you with the compact movie episodes that have been put forth on YouTube.

  1. The Stranger: Created by Veena Sud, this is a thriller which follows the life of Clare, a driver, who falls into a wreck as she comes face to face with a deranged killer. With Maika Monroe as Clara, this series is sure to get your heart racing!

2. Most Dangerous Game: An adaptation of the short story from Richard Connell’s book with the same name, Most Dangerous Game follows the story of a man (Liam Hemsworth) who participates in a death-defying game just so he could fend for his pregnant wife. An action-thriller, sure to lure you!

3. Dummy: The series star cast includes Anna Kendrick. I am going to watch it for this sole reason! Okay, jokes apart(I wasn’t joking), the series follows the life of Cody(Anna Kendrick), an aspiring writer, who befriends her boyfriend’s sex doll and how they bond, leading them to explore the world together.

Progression With The App

Quibi is absolutely a hand-on video platform only to be watched on a cell phone and although there had been reports of it being a television platform soon, the tentative date hasn’t been announced.

So if you’re really moved with what you see on YouTube(Quibi’s content), I’d recommend you to go download it.

Quibi: The (Mostly) Mobile-Only Streaming Service, Doesn't Appear To Have Spectacular Response?

Quibi is still continuously assuring people to sign up, and it’s not a loss. I mean, if you watch these mini trailers, you’d realize they’re inherently fun and you’d want to sign up.

The more people download the app and sign up to the streaming service, the more profit they’ll fetch in the long run.

So now that you know unlike Mega-streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime or Disney Plus, Quibi is only a 10-minute video watch platform, go grab it. It’d spare you some time too, if you take it that way, you know.

Costing  $8 a month, ad-free and with subjects not as shallow as you might initially think, Quibi is going to be one big thing in the near future.

Thank me later!

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